Easy Fix: NBA 2K error codes 0f777c90, a21468b6, and 4b538e50 (2K19/2K20)

NBA 2K is one of the basketball sports video games that has been developed and published by 2K Games. It has two titles in the series such as NBA 2K (1999) and NBA 2K21 (2020). Similar to the other sports games, it has also multiple game modes to upgrade your skill and career graph. However, plenty of NBA 2K players are reporting that they’re getting multiple error codes like error codes 0f777c90, a21468b6, and 4b538e50 in both the 2K19 and 2K20 version.

When the players are trying to play the game in MyCareer mode, these error codes appear. Therefore, MyCareer mode becomes totally unplayable to the players and they can’t determine what is causing this issue and how to fix it. If you’re also facing this issue, don’t worry. Here we will provide with you some of the possible methods to resolve the mentioned error codes.

Easy Fix: NBA 2K error codes 0f777c90, a21468b6, and 4b538e50 (2K19/2K20)

As the error codes are appearing on every platform, we’ve shared the fixing steps altogether.

Easy Fix: NBA 2K error codes 0f777c90, a21468b6, and 4b538e50 (2K19/2K20)

1. Reboot Xbox Console

  • If you’re playing with a game disc, remove the disc first.
  • Otherwise, just press and hold the Xbox power button on the console until it turned off.
  • Next, wait for around 30 seconds before turning it on.
  • Then insert the game disc again and try launching the NBA 2K game.

2. Update the Game

Whenever a new patch update available for a game, owners should install the update as early as possible. So, if you’re experiencing the problem then ensure to check for the game update and install the update if available. Make sure to connect to an active internet connection and free up the disk space as well.

3. Save Game File (MyCareer Mode)

  • Head over to the MyCareer mode in the NBA 2K game.
  • Press the triangle button on your Xbox controller -> Choose an individual save game file.
  • This process may also fix the NBA 2K error codes 0f777c90, a21468b6, and 4b538e50 sometimes according to some of the players.

4. Perform Clean Boot (PC)

  • Press Windows + R keys -> Type msconfig and click on OK.
  • Go to Services -> Enable ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ checkbox.
  • Select ‘Disable all’ -> Click on Apply and then click on OK.
  • Don’t reboot now.
  • Open Task Manager -> Go to ‘Start-Up Impact’.
  • Disable all ‘High’ impact services one by one.
  • Finally, restart your computer and run the game.

5. Sign Out and Sign Back In

Simply once you’re logged into the game account or client account, log out or sign out from the account. Restart the game or client and then sign back into the existing account again. Sometimes this trick can also fix multiple issues like NBA 2K error codes 0f777c90, a21468b6, and 4b538e50 in the game.

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