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A Comprehensive Chart of Educational Android Tools and Apps for Students

With more than 500,000 educational apps at your disposal, finding apps of high quality that are specific to your learning requirements is like research by itself. These apps address many issues in education, such as the availability and accessibility of resources, an easy user interface, and that proves to be effective.

Whether you are using them to replace school learning or to accompany it, there are a few tools and apps that do stand out from the rest. Here we have categorized one app in each area that students might enjoy using a tool to make integrate into their learning techniques.

1. Note Taking – SimpleNote

Note taking might sound easy, but when it comes to the task could get trickier. Simplenote, true to its name, offers clutter-free workspace to create and take notes. There is no complicated menus, additional formatting options, or even file attachments; it is the ultimate minimalistic note-taking tool that students can find.

The simplicity also makes the search feature efficient, use tags to organize them, to switch to prior versions of the note and share them with others. If your focus is on getting in the best of a lecture without any distractions, this is the best to go for.

2. Writing Tool – EssayPro

While in school, the prospect of writing papers, essays, and articles might seem like an endless task. EssayPro offers the perfect solution for that by providing essay writing services to students for all kinds of academic papers.

The website also features a blog section on topics like how to write a book review or how to write an exemplification essay for students. The site promises 100 % unplagiarized and high-quality work by thoroughly scouting their professional writers to assure that the students get the best result delivered.

3. Research – Mendeley

Mendeley is a free academic social network and reference manager that comes in aid for any educational purposes, to organize and collaborate with others on research work. The website could be used to import papers to identify relevant papers based on your interest and import works from other research software.

The tool also automatically generates bibliographies and enables online access to your paper from multiple devices.

4. Mind Mapping – Mindomo

Mindomo uses the method of mind mapping on various levels to help students achieve better results while studying. They have a different presentation mode that turns the maps into slides, explaining how these maps were developed.

The website also allows tracking any changes each student make on the map, whether they have uploaded any images or added new connections. It also creates engaging content with enough interactive features like search tools and videos.

5. Organizing – Studious

Studious is an all-in-one app that helps to organize activities and manage class schedules. It serves both as a planner to important schedule events, marking lectures and project deadlines. You can further organize this based on the subject and include specific details too.

Using Studious students can also set the phone in different modes to stay silent during class hours or for important meetings. The app also works as a note taker for emergencies and fits well as a tool for students in all scenarios.

6. Presentation – Google Slides

When it comes to presentations, the first thing that comes to mind is Microsoft Ppts. Google Slides has taken the idea and polished it making it better with online access and formatting tools. The cloud storage and integration with other Google tools are the most useful feature of Slides, along with its collaboration and live feedback option.

These excellent apps enable to utilize your smartphone in the best ways for your education. They make student like more manageable and easy to get a grip on the school work.

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