Eliminating Unwanted Callers with Call Blocking Functions on Android

Smartphones have revolutionised how people communicate, and most of the time, you are thankful for it. It feels good when you can call loved ones from anywhere in the world at whatever time, and they too can call you. Unfortunately, the same applies to some individuals that you may not be thrilled to talk to. Maybe its telemarketers calling at the most inappropriate times or even worse someone trying to scam you. Android smartphones come with an inbuilt feature to block certain numbers and avoid those phone conversations you don’t want. However, this functionality varies among devices and it helps to know how to access it on different phones.

Stock Android

Stock Android devices are phones that run the basic version of the OS, and these include Nexus and Google Pixel. If you are using a stock Android smartphone, you can block numbers by adding them to the block list. Go to the phone app and on the call history, pick the number that you want to block. Long press on that number and you will get an option to ‘Block number’. Alternatively, open the phone app, at the top right-hand corner, there is a 3-dot settings menu. Pick the ‘Call blocking’ option and add the chosen numbers.

Blocking By Carrier

Some circumstances may require you to block unwanted callers on your contract carrier rather than the device. If you move from one handset to another, blocking numbers on each one can be tedious. The four major U.S phone carriers offer call blocking features on different levels. With T-Mobile, you have to buy the family plan to be able to block numbers. With Verizon, you get a maximum of 5 numbers on the call blocking list. Sprint comes with few limitations compared to the other carriers while AT&T allows blocking on different devices.

Blocking on Different Android Brands

Samsung is the biggest Android manufacturer, and that translates to a considerable number of users. If you are one, blocking some callers is easy. On the phone app, tap the number to be blocked, press the icon labelled “More” at the top right-hand corner and choose the ‘Add to Auto-Reject List’. Some Samsung models have the same functionality as stock Android phones.

For an HTC user, open the phone app, long press the number you wish to block and select to ‘Block Contact’ and confirm with ‘OK’. If you are using Android on an LG device, open the phone app; at the right-hand corner, there is an icon where you can access the call settings by tapping on it. Tap the ‘Reject Calls’ option and then ‘+’.

Using Applications

The call blocking features on some Android phones may not be as extensive as users want, which is where third-party dialer apps come in. Mr. Number is a free tool that allows you to mute particular contacts. Call Blocker has a free version with ads and a paid premium option. You can create a blacklist and whitelist on your device. The Calls Blacklist tool comes with a Blacklist tab where you can add selected numbers.

Getting rid of unwanted callers is easy enough once you know where the feature is located on a device.

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