How to Enable Camera Flash for Notifications on Android 14

Android 14 is the talk of the Android world as OEMs are working hard to release their own iterations of the firmware and introduce their unique features. Currently, the OS experience in the Pixel ecosystem is clean and stocked with the basic feature sets. While it is certainly the need of the hour for several users, it cannot be denied that this also means users will end up missing numerous underrated but useful features.

One of those users is the Camera Flash for Notifications or the need to press enter after typing the correct password. Google has been filling up the missing pieces of the jigsaw and introducing new features for Pixel users running Android 14.

With the Android 14 OS, users will no longer have to hit the Enter button after typing in the correct password. Moreover, there is also the introduction of a flashy feature in the form of Camera Flash for Notifications on your Android 14 device.

Steps to enable Camera Flash for Notifications on Android 14?

Camera Flash for Notifications

As evident by the name, after enabling the Camera Flash for Notifications feature, the camera flash will light up once your device receives a notification. If you’re looking to enable Camera Flash for Notifications, here are the steps you need to follow –

  • To start off, you must be on the latest Android 14 firmware
  • After that, head over to Settings -> Accessibility -> Flash Notifications
  • Now, enable the toggle beside the Camera Flash
  • You will now be able to check this feature straight away by tapping the “Preview” button

Additionally, there is also another nifty feature right below it titled “Screen Flash”. When this feature is enabled, your device’s screen will flash yellow twice in a second. You can easily test it by pressing the “Preview” button.

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