How to Enable Full Screen Apps On LG V30 (App Scaling)

How to Enable Full Screen Apps On LG V30/V30+: LG V30/V30Plus is the successor to very popular LG v20.LG V30/V30+ features a bezel less design with 18:9 display. LG V30/V30+ is a 6-inch edge-to-edge display phone very similar to devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8. Because of it being taller and skinnier than other devices, the apps do not fill up the entire screen and the top and the bottom bars appear while loading and using the apps.

It is also possible that the apps might get cut-off in the corners, or hide important buttons due to the 18:9 aspect ratio of this phone, which is very different than most of the other phones. This is a very easy fix. Android apps run on a lot of devices including Android watches, TV, smartphones, tablets, chrome books and most of the apps scale according to the particular device.

This new aspect of screen ratio is the thing that is causing the problem, and unless more number of developers work for this, the following way can help you to fix it.This trick can also be used for other big devices like LG G6 and Galaxy Note 8. Please follow the below guide to enjoy the apps on the LG V30/V30+ on full screen mode.

Steps To Enable Full Screen Apps On LG V30/V30+ (App Scaling)

App Scaling is a way to force all the apps to the full screen mode. This forces the apps to operate in Full Screen adjusted to the current devices size.

  • Go to the Settings (gear icon) by pulling down the notification bar.
  • Select the Display column within it.
  • Click on App Scaling by scrolling down.
  • Select the app that you want to scale.
  • Change these apps to the 18:9 full screen mode, so that they scale.

Enable Full Screen Apps On LG V30 (App Scaling)

Most apps start working in 18:9 full screen mode right away. Developers and LG have worked together to make sure that the apps would work with this device. You have three choices for every app you select: Compatibility, Standard, or Full Screen. Most already use fullscreen. Find the one you want to change and tap Full Screen. This will make sure that the selected apps go full screen.

Now by following this guide, you have made sure that all the apps work according to the new screen size.

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