[Your Bizarre Adventure] YBA Trello Link & Guide

Your Bizarre Adventure is an exciting Roblox game that has been published by Bizarre Studio. This game is based on the popular manga/anime series called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

It features an amazing collection of stands with unique abilities that the characters can unleash during the battle to cause DMG on the enemies and eliminate them from the battlefield. The visuals are amazing, the maps are designed beautifully, and the devs have done an incredible job to bring the anime storyline to the game.

That’s not it, there are a lot more aspects to know about. In this guide, you will get to know everything you need to know about Your Bizarre Adventure.

Your Bizarre Adventure – YBA Trello Link & Guide

[Your Bizarre Adventure] YBA Trello Link & Guide

Most Roblox games come with a Trello made by the developers to help the gamers understand the basics of the game and cover all aspects. YBA Trello is available to help players, especially beginners, know more about the game. Here is the link that you should go to if you want to check out the YBA Trello

  • YBA Trello – Link

YBA Trello Controls

Here are the different controls in Your Bizarre Adventure –

  • Blocking – The players will be able to block the incoming DMG by holding the F key.
  • Parrying/Perfect Blocking – If you’re able to hold F in perfect timing, you’ll be able to reflect a heavy punch or R ATK and stun the enemy who targeted you. The same mechanism will apply to other abilities too.
  • Skill tree- Each time you level up in the game, you’ll be getting X2 SP – skill points that you can use in the skill tree for unlocking stronger moves or upgrading already existing ones.
  • Dashing – This will allow you to move quickly in a short burst and dash backward while you’re on fire to make the fire go out.
  • Posing – The P key for posing will help you heal faster.

YBA Trello Forms

Here are the different forms in Your Bizarre Adventure –

  • Hamon – Hamon is typically used to defeat vampires as it is helpful in directing sunlight into a punch through the vampire’s body.
  • Vampirism – Vampires come with superhuman traits that can be easily defeated by Hamon because of their ability to channel the sunlight into opponents.
  • Requiem – Requiem in Your Bizarre Adventures is an evolved form of stands. The players will be able to obtain it by stabbing themselves with the Requiem arrow. However, this only applies to worthy stand users otherwise the requiem arrow will pass through them.

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