F1 Manager 2022 Unreal Crash Fix

Many F1 Manager 2022 players have been reporting that the game has been crashing at startup, giving an error message telling them that the Unreal Engine has crashed. In this guide, you’ll get to know different ways you can fix the Unreal Crash issue in F1 Manager 2022.

Method 1: Update your GPU

Some users have reported that the Unreal Crash occurs if you’ve installed outdated GPU drivers. Update your GPU drivers and the Unreal Crash will get fixed. When updating, ensure that you perform a clean installation. For Nvidia Drivers, the option for Clean Installation is given to the players during the setup.

Method 2: Update the Windows OS

Another reason behind the Unreal Crash issue in F1 Manager 2022 might be that your operating system isn’t updated. Many games require the latest Windows OS build to work. You should update your OS and the issue could be fixed.

 Method 3: Disable the third-party tools

F1 Manager 2022 Unreal Crash Fix

Some players have reported that using third-party tools like RGB software, MSI Afterburner, or any third-party peripherals could cause F1 Manager 2022 to crash. You should delete or disable these third-party tools and the game might stop crashing.

Method 4: Disable in-game overplays

In-game overlays such as GeForce Experience overlay or Steam in-game overlay could make F1 Manager 2022 crash too. Disable the in-game overlay that you’re using and the game will stop crashing.

Method 5: GPU getting overclocked

While F1 Manager 2022 isn’t necessarily a demanding game but your GPU might be the reason why it is crashing. Either the GPU could be overclocked or it might not be able to handle the game’s load well. If the GPU is overclocked, you should revert back to the default GPU clock.

Method 6: Limit the game’s maximum FPS

In case your GPU is old, you should try and limit the game’s max FPS. Doing so will reduce the CPU and GPU load while stopping F1 Manager 2022 from crashing. For limiting the max FPS, you should open Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> Program Settings -> then select F1 Manager 2022. Enable Max FPS Limit and then set a value for it. This value will determine the maximum FPS that the game can achieve. This will be a bit of trial and error and eventually, you’ll be able to figure out which FPS the game is stable enough to not crash.

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