Ask Nagi where she went? Lost Ark Lingering Wind Quest

Ask Nagi where she went? Lost Ark Lingering Wind Quest: Lost Ark is a fantasy game with several quests lined up for the player and one of the best quests is the Lingering Wind Quest. As a part of this quest, you’ll have to uncover the whereabouts of Shana. To find out about Shana, you’ll have to ask Nagi where she can. However, many Lost Ark players complain that they cannot find Nagi in her usual place. Even the people who find her cannot seem to get her to talk. In this article, you’ll get to know where and how to find Nagi in the Lost Ark Lingering Wind Quest.

How to find Nagi in the Lingering Wind Quest?

You can easily talk to Nagi at her usual spot in Nia village. Visiting Nia village will be one of the first things that you experience when you start this quest. When players get to the usual spot of Nagi, they cannot find her anywhere close. In some situations, the players do manage to splot her but getting close to her didn’t help as they couldn’t talk to her.

Nagi lost ark location

The reason for that is Nagi’s role in the game. Nagi is a character involved in a lot of quests and depends on the player’s status of her quests. Different quests will require her to be at different locations. If you’re having any quests open with her, you’ll need to complete them first. Incomplete quests will be what stop you from talking to Nagi.

You’ll have to complete the questline related to Nagi and go to Nagi’s usual spot in Nia village. If you’ve completed all of your quests related to her, you’ll find her, and she’ll also communicate with you and help you with the quest.

Ask Nagi where she went? Lost Ark Lingering Wind Quest

About the Game

The title “Lost Ark” is up there among the best ones for a game that features quests and adventures. Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG, a subsidiary of Smilegate responsible for game development, collaborated to create this fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). In 2019, the game made its return to South Korean shelves. However, beginning in the year 2022, it is now being distributed to international markets, including those in the North American and European regions.

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