Five Best Smartphone Gadgets for a Summer Vacation

Summer is here! If you are preparing to go on vacation, there are lots of things to think about, such as choosing a hotel, changing money, and selecting clothes to pack. You should also think about any smartphone gadgets that could come in handy while you are away. Here are five of the best gadgets for your phone that you should consider taking on vacation.

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A Solar Power Bank

Whether you are vacationing in Japan or Hawaii, you will need plenty of battery life if you intend to do things like play online games on your smartphone while relaxing on the beach. In fact, you can even have a two-in-one vacation by pretending you’re in Hawaii when you’re actually in Japan by playing the fabulous slot game ハワイアンドリーム (Hawaiian Dream). But you still need battery. So, consider getting a solar power bank. With it, you can charge your smartphone directly from the solar power of the sun while lounging on the beach. If you prefer more active summer vacations that involve camping or hiking, a solar power bank can also be massively beneficial because you do not need an electricity supply to power up your phone.


A Power Adapter

When vacationing abroad, you will need a travel adapter for your phone to ensure you can charge it in sockets that differ from your own country. While a solar charger can be fantastic for certain situations, if you want to charge your phone quickly, you need to be able to charge it via a power socket. Furthermore, many power adapters are multifunctional, so you can use one for powering your smartphone and other devices like tablets and hairdryers. One of the best travel power adapters available is the Hyleton Worldwide Travel Adapter, which is suitable for the EU, UK, US, and Australia. It features five USB ports for your devices.

An Adjustable Tripod

Today’s smartphones have amazing cameras that can be used to capture all of your vacation highlights. But to take the best pictures, you should consider packing some accessories. One gadget that can come in handy is an adjustable tripod. It might not sound that exciting, but a good tripod, that can easily fold away and not take up much room in your luggage, can maximize the quality of your photographs and ensure no pictures are blurry due to shaky hands. You might also like to take a selfie stick with you to capture the magic of your vacation and post great shots onto your social media platforms.

A Pocket Projector

If you end up stuck in your hotel room because of a storm, or if you simply want to enjoy the luxury hotel room that you have paid for, you may want to snuggle up with your other half and watch a movie. By taking a pocket projector that fits onto your smartphone with you on vacation, you can watch any online film on a large scale. Close the curtains, invest in a pair of decent Bluetooth headphones, and you have your very own cinema; from a gadget that is small enough to fit in any pocket!

Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Speaking of Bluetooth headphones, they should be on your list of smartphone gadgets to take with you on vacation. Whatever you want to do on your phone, whether it is watching movies, playing games, or listening to music, you are sure to notice the difference in quality when you have a good pair of headphones. Also, if you are heading somewhere exotic where you will sweat a lot, it is worth investing in sports headphones, which are resistant to sweat.



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