How to fix ADB_Vendor_Keys Not Set Error ?

Often, people use ADB and Fastboot tools for interacting with their smartphones or tablets. It’ll require you to manually grant USB debugging permission when you’ve connected the phone to the PC. You’ll also be given the option for saving these keys for future reference.

If they can’t be accessed, you’ll get the ADB Vendor Keys error. If that file is corrupt, missing, or inaccessible in some way, you’ll be given the ADB_VENDOR_KEYS error in the Command Prompt, terminal, or Windows Powershell. In this guide, you’ll get to know about different methods to fix ADB_VENDOR_KEYS Not Set Error.

Method 1: Check that the ADB keys are up to date

ADB keys and Fastboots are used for communicating with your USB, which is why they require specific drivers to communicate. You’ll be able to download ADB drivers depending on the mobile preferences from Google itself. Install the EXE file on your PC such that it can be resolved easily.

Method 2: Grant and enable USB debugging mode

fix ADB_Vendor_Keys Not Set Error

Part 1 – Enable Developer Mode

  • Go to Setting and scroll down to System
  • Now, click on System and then choose About Phone
  • Select Software Info and then tap on Build Number 7 times
  • You’ll get a small pop-up of Developer mode enabled

Part 2 – Enable USB debugging mode

  • Go to Settings and scroll down to System
  • Now, click on System and then choose About Phone
  • Click Software Info and then tap on Developer Mode
  • Scroll down to the USB debugging mode before enabling the option

Method 3: Regenerate ADB vendor key

Part 1 – Starting Command Shell

In Windows

  • Click on the Windows key + R
  • Select CMD and then press enter

In Mac

  • Click on the Launchpad icon

Part 2: Regenerating ADB key

  • Enter “adb devices”
  • Remove the existing ADB key by entering the command –
rm –*.android/
  • Create a new ADB keypair by entering the following command –

adb adb I 47453 711886 adb_auth_host.cpp:220] generate_key ‘.android/adbkey’ adb I 47453 711886 adb_auth_host.cpp:173] Writing public key to ‘.android/adbkey:pub’

  • Copy the ADB key from the PC
  • Reboot your device
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