How to fix Android 12 decryption TWRP issue


Although Android 13 has hit the smartphone market, Android 12 is still the talk of the town for most OEMs. There are multiple ways to root your Android 12 device including the sideload Android 12 using TWRP Recovery and ADB and Flashing the full factory image via Fastboot.

For installing the stable build, you’ll have to sideload the appropriate OTA package for your smartphone from Recovery through ADB. This method will work well for Google Pixel smartphones with a locked bootloader. In case you’ve got an unlocked bootloader on your device, you’ll need to flash the full factory image of the Android 12 or Android 12L via Fastboot. Usually, it’s done through a or flash-all.bat script file that’s included in the downloaded file but its default configuration will also wipe the device completely. You can, however, retain the data by deleting the “-w” wipe attribute from the command in the script.

How to fix the Android 12 decryption TWRP issue

Many Android users who are using TWRP for rooting their Android 12 devices have been facing the Android 12 decryption TWRP issue. Due to the device not being able to decrypt TWRP, you might not be able to pull off whatever you set out to achieve. There are multiple ways the users can fix the Android decryption TWRP issue and you’ll get to know about them here.

fix Android 12 decryption TWRP issue

Interestingly, there are ways you can fix the Android 12 decryption TWRP issue. All you have to do is download a couple of scripts in zip format and then sideload them. The two scripts that you need to download are encryption disabler sweet zip and Some users have also reported that they disable dm verity force encrypt and it helps them overcome this issue.


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