[Fixed] Battlefield 5 Stuck on loading screen

Battlefield 5 is an FPS game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. This game is the 11th main installment in the Battlefield series and it’s the successor to Battlefield 1 of 2016. The game was released for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in November 2018.

After a new update, many players are not able to launch or play the game properly as they keep getting stuck on the loading screen. If you’re having issues playing Battlefield 5, then this guide will be of great help to you as you’ll find many fixes for the issue here.

How to fix Battlefield 5 stuck on the loading screen

💡Workaround:Ensure your video driver is up-to-date: AMD/ATI. For Nvidia, utilize these links: Auto, Manual.Clean up temporary files: Launch the Start Menu, input %temp% in the Search or Run field. Hit Enter. This action opens the Temp folder. It’s safe to erase all files within, skipping any that are currently in use.Even though cleaning temp files may not always be essential, it’s recommended as a precaution.Reboot your device: Head over to Origin, find My Game Library. From there, right-click on BF V and opt for Repair. Trust in these steps to resolve your issue.

Method 1: Restart the game in Origin

This has to be the first method that you try to fix the game. If you encounter this error, you should force + close the game and then exit Origin. After a couple of seconds, you should try to reopen Origin and restart Battlefield 5.

Method 2: Remove the profile file

This method is only applicable to PC users, so follow the steps below to fix the issue.

  • Open explorer on PC and then select This PC
  • Select “Documents” and then double-click Battlefield
  • Open the “Settings” menu
  • Locate and delete the “PROFSAVE” file
  • Exit the window and restart your computer

Battlefield 5 Stuck on loading screen

Method 3: Disable Weapon DoF

  • On the black window, you should press “Start”
  • After that, click on Options -> Videos
  • Locate “Weapon DoF” and then disable it or turn it off
  • Return and load/play the game

Method 4: Bypass in Xbox

If you encounter this issue when playing the game on Xbox, you should try this out to get around the problem.

  • On the black screen window, you should click on the “Pause/Start” key
  • Press the D-Pad twice and then hold it down as it’ll bring up a confirmation prompt asking you to confirm exit or resume game
  • Click on the resume game prompt and proceed with the game
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