Fix Cannot Update Payment Method on iPhone Issue


Apple gives you the option of adding a payment method to your device such that you can use for buying apps from the App Store, use subscriptions like Apple Music and iCloud, or purchase other media from Apple. All you need to do is add the payment method once and update it when needed.

However, it is proving to be quite problematic. Many users have voiced their issues that they aren’t able to update their payment method on their iPhones. When they’re trying to do that, they are getting a “you have not completed the entire form” error.

If you’re in the same boat, then this guide is perfect for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Cannot Update Payment Method on iPhone.

Steps to fix Cannot Update Payment Method on iPhone

Fix Cannot Update Payment Method on iPhone Issue

Method 1: Verify payment method compatibility

Firstly, you need to double-check that the payment that you’re using is supported in the region. You can verify the same from the Apple Documentation. If your preferred payment method is listed in the document but you’re still not able to update it, then move to your next fix.

Method 2: Remove and add the card again

  • Go to Settings -> Account Name -> Media and Purchases
  • Tap on the “View Account” option -> Sign in -> tap on Manage Payments
  • After that, select your current payment and then hit on the “Remove” option
  • Then, select “Add Payment Method” before adding the new payment method
  • Check if it has fixed the issue of Cannot Update Payment Method

Method 3: Verify these rejection reasons

  • Apple isn’t allowed to accept debit or credit cards in your country
  • Insufficient balance or account in arrears
  • The debit or credit card isn’t recognized in your country
  • Error in the card number
  • The account is suspended for suspected fraud
  • Wrong Security or CVV code
  • Wrong expiration date
  • The card wasn’t issued in the country of the iTunes store
  • The address in the iTunes account doesn’t match the billing address for the card
  • You’re connected via a VPN provider that doesn’t terminate in the country of the iTunes store you’re connected to

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