[Fixed] Cookie clicker not loading/working on Android 2022

DashNet has done a tremendous job by coming up with a casual idle cookie maker video game that does all the work for you. Even if the device’s screen is off, the cookie clicker game can run to make cookies, make upgrades, and unlock achievements.

It has been available for Android users since 2013 and the players love this game. However, there are some reports popping up that the Cookie Clicker game is not loading or not working. In this guide, you’ll get to know about the different methods to fix this issue.

Method 1: Restart your device

The first fix to try would be to reboot the handset as it could be a temporary glitch or cache data issue that might be causing application launch conflicts. Long-press the Power button on your device and select the Reboot option. Once the device restarts, load the Cookie Clicker game once more.

Method 2: Force stop and launch the game again

  • Go to the Settings menu and then tap on Apps and Notifications
  • Click on See All Apps and choose Cookie Clicker under the App Info section
  • Tap on Cookie Clicker for opening the app info page and then tap on Force Stop
  • If prompted, you should ensure to confirm the task
  • Once it is done, run the Cookie Clicker game and check if the issue is fixed

Fix Cookie clicker not loading=

Method 3: Update system software

  • Open the Settings menu on your smartphone and go to Software Update
  • Tap on Check for Updates and look if any new update is available
  • If there is any new update, install it

Method 4: Check cache data and storage data in the game

  • Head over to the device Settings menu and tap on Apps and Notifications
  • Click See All Apps before going to Cookie Clicker under the App info section
  • Select Cookie Clicker for opening the app info page and tap on Storage and Cache
  • Tap on Clear Cache before tapping on Storage and Cache again
  • Tap on Clear Storage and launch the game to check if the issue is resolved

Method 5: Update Cookie Clicker

  • Open Play Store and tap on the hamburger icon for opening the menu
  • Tap on My Apps and Games and you’ll get to see which apps and games have pending updates
  • If you see Cookie Clicker on that list, tap on the Update button
  • Wait for the game to get updated and launch it to check the issue
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