[Fix] Directv login Issue – DirecTV users unable to log in (205.4 Error) or reset password

DirecTV is easily one of the most popular and best-known TV and on-demand content providers through satellite. The service offers a vast catalog of channels for pleasing the tastes of all users. Over the years, DirecTV has managed to modernize itself by offering amazing cloud streaming throughout the DirecTV Go app. It’ll allow the users to access DirecTV content from anywhere. With that said, there are many DirecTV users who have been facing issues, making them unable to log in (205.4 error) or reset their passwords.

DirecTV users are not able to log in due to the 205.4 error

According to reports, many users haven’t been able to access the service due to a 205.4 error message when you try to log in. The issue affects both the DirecTV app and the DirecTV website. In some cases, DirecTV users were able to log in on some of their devices. The users affected by the problem aren’t able to do a password reset either. This is something that some users have tried to resolve the first issue.

Use the right username and password

You’ll have to use your DirecTV account’s username and password for accessing the streaming service. It needs to be the same account that you have signed up for your TV and internet. Make sure that you’re using the right user ID and that your password is correctly spelled before you log in again.

When setting the password, it shouldn’t be easy to guess but it should be easy for you to remember if you need to log in again. If you’re using Google Chrome or Safari, opt for saving your password to the browser when it offers you the option to. It’ll be one less thing for you to worry about.

Tick in the “Save user ID” box on the login page. You’ll only have to remember your password if you’re turning this feature on.

[Fix] Directv login Issue - DirecTV users unable to log in (205.4 Error) or reset password

Reset your user ID or password

If you’ve forgotten your user ID and password to your account, you shouldn’t worry, there’s a way to reset it. To do that, follow these simple instructions 0

  1. Head over to the DirecTV Stream login page
  2. Click “Forgot user ID?” for resetting your username and “Forgot password” for resetting your password.
  3. To reset the user ID, provide the email ID, with which you’ve made the user ID. For your password, you should enter your user ID and your last name.
  4. Go through the entire process and check your email for getting the user ID or the link for resetting your password
  5. After retrieving your user ID or resetting the password, try to login again

If you’ve entered everything correctly, you’ll get to log in to the DirecTV stream successfully.

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