How to Fix Dying Light 2 inventory full when it’s not

Dying Light 2 is one of the most exciting and popular survival games. Developed by Techland, the game has been available since December 2021 for Windows OS and multiple consoles. However, many Dying Light 2 players have been facing an issue that has negatively impacted their inventory capacity. There seems to be a Dying Light 2 inventory bug that shows that the player’s inventory is full even when it isn’t. In this guide, you’ll get to know different methods how to fix the “Dying Light 2 inventory full when it’s not” issue.

This is the issue that forces many players to confront their financial situation, as they are unable to acquire further products for their inventories despite the fact that their slots indicate that they have free slots available.

Users getting the “Inventory full when it’s not” issue

Many players on Dying Light 2 have been getting the “Inventory full when it’s not issue” despite having more than enough space. When you’re trying to collect new items, you’ll get the error. Luckily for you, there are multiple ways you can clear out space in your inventory.

Fix Dying Light 2 inventory full when it’s not

  1. Remove items by disposing

You’ll be able to dispose of any unwanted items if you encounter better quality weapon/consumable and empty your inventory for making space for the new one.

  1. Consume after crafting

Instead of storing the ingredients, you’ll be able to spend them on crafting new consumables or weapons. You should keep in mind that you’ll have to find blueprints as many times as possible such that whatever ingredient you’re carrying can be spent on rafting new weapons or items.

  1. Stashing items

One of the best ways to store items that you want to use later on in the game would be by stashing. You’ll be able to store different clothing, different weapons that you want to save for battles in the future. A stack is best for storing items and will be present in all bases and safe houses. It is normally kept beside your bed. You should remember to keep the stashes separate. You’ll want to ensure that you pick up specific items that you want to return to the same stash.

  1. Selling items

The fastest way of getting rid of any unwanted material is by simply selling them. It’ll be as simple as visiting a trader and then selling off any unused items. The price the trader pays will depend on the level and rarity of the item.

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