How to Fix HBO MAX not working issue (Error troubleshooting)


The much-awaited on-demand subscription-based video streaming service HBO MAX has finally released in the US at a subscription price of $14.99/month. This newly launched service offers tons of videos, contents, TV shows, etc for the users with Adult and Kids mode. However, just like other streaming services, the HBO MAX also has some bugs or issues that users may face while launching or signing in or else. Here in this article, we’ve shared the error troubleshooting guide in order to fix HBO MAX not working issue properly.

Even the users can also play HBO MAX contents on their existing service providers like AT&T HBO, YouTube TV, Verizon, Apple TV, and more. While the users can also add an HBO MAX add-on pack on Hulu or YouTube very easily at an additional subscription pack. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

How to Fix HBO MAX not working issue (Error troubleshooting)

We’re giving you an overview of all the possible and common issues or errors that the HBO MAX users can experience. Such as HBO MAX not working on Hulu or YouTube TV, AT&T HBO MAX not working, Sign In related issues, Amazon Fire Stick/TV-related issues, HBO MAX buffering issue, HBO MAX issue with Samsung TV, unable to connect to Chromecast, Unsupported Version error, and more. Now, check out all the possible steps in order to fix these issues or errors.

How to Fix HBO MAX not working issue (Error troubleshooting)

1. Add HBO MAX Add-on

  • As we’ve already mentioned above that you will need to subscribe to HBO MAX at $14.99/month. Once purchased, you can include the add-on pack on any of your existing provider or TV services.

2. Use HBO MAX Website or App

3. Use Proper Account Details

  • Using a correct account credential is very necessary to be able to control or manage or stream your favorite content on HBO MAX. There is plenty of provider support that is also available for the existing users in order to include the HBO MAX add-on pack and then you’re good to go.

4. HBO MAX Region Restriction

HBO MAX service is only available in the USA right now. So, any other people from other regions may not be able to access the website features or services directly. All you need to do is to use a VPN service either on your mobile or web browser (extension) in order to easily access the service and contents. You can get a full guide on How to Use HBO MAX outside the USA.

5. Force Close HBO MAX app

Whenever a mobile app lags or stutters or even can’t perform well, we should always force close the mobile app at first without a second thought. It clears the temporary glitch or any background running processes that may cause issues to your app.

  • Just head over to the device Settings menu -> Search for the HBO MAX app.
  • Tap on it and choose ‘Force Close’ or ‘Force Stop’ option.
  • Once done, restart your mobile and try launching the HBO MAX app again.

6. Log Out and Sign In to HBO MAX

Some times logging out and signing back into the account might fix the temporary glitch or connectivity or even account related issues.

  • Open the HBO MAX app on your phone.
  • Head over to the Settings option -> Tap on Manage Devices.
  • Tap on the close (X) button.
  • Reboot your handset.
  • Launch the HBO MAX app again and sign back into your account.

7. Sign Out Of All Devices

We’ve already shared a full-depth easy to use guide on steps to sign out of all the devices in the HBO MAX account.

8. Clear Cache and Data of HBO MAX app

  • Open the device Settings menu -> Go to Apps.
  • Search for the HBO MAX app and tap on it to open.
  • Tap on Storage -> Select Clear Cache.
  • Once the cache is cleared, tap on Clear Data.
  • Once done, restart your phone and launch the HBO MAX app again.

Additionally, you can also check your internet connection whether it’s working well or not. If you’re using the HBO MAX app on your handset then check for the Wi-Fi/mobile data or the web client users can check for Wi-Fi/ethernet connection.

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