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How To Fix KingRoot Not Working “No Strategy Found”

Here in this guide, you will learn How to Fix KingRoot Not Working  “No Strategy Found” Error.The Kingroot is one of the most popular android one click root tools.You can basically root your android device without PC.The rooting process is very easy, just download the app and with a single click, your device will be rooted.If you are facing kingroot issues then don’t worry you will help How Fix KingRoot Not Working  “No Strategy Found” Problem

These one-click root tools are perfect for those who don’t have enough knowledge about recovery and Flashing.You don’t need to download super suit and Flash via Recovery because everything will be done automatically with a single click.

But These one click root tool have problems too.Many users are reporting that Kingroot didn’t work on their device.The Most common issue (Error) is “No Strategy Found” or the process may stop at 20% or 50%.But before going for the solution we need to know what is causing this error.

Full Guide To Fix KingRoot Not Working

What is causing this error?

All these One click root tools including Kingroot use exploits found on Android system. So with every new exploit, developer create a new application to take advantage of the new exploit and let you root the phone with a single click.But when you update your device to latest firmware the exploit may be patched.This is the main reason causing this problem.If you have updated your device recently, then that might be the reason for this.

The developers behind Kingroot are very active and works hard to provide updates to support all firmware versions.The app needs a good internet connection to automatically root an android device.Below we share some steps you can take to Fix KingRoot Not Working  “No Strategy Found” Issue.

Fix KingRoot Not Working

How To Fix KingRoot Not Working  “No Strategy Found”

Steps You can take to Fix

  • If you have updated your device then downgrade to an older version (Firmware)
  • Download and use the latest Kingroot app—>> Download Here
  • Need a stable internet connection

We have tried these steps and we were able to root a Micromax device which was showing the error previously.You can try these steps.If you know another way to fix the issue then fill free to share in the comment section below.


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