How to fix lag on Jio Cinema FIFA World Cup 2022?

As soon as the news broke that Jio has earned the official rights for telecasting the FIFA World Cup 2022, there were millions of people looking forward to the experience.

The app promised the ability to watch a football match in 4K and the fact that you won’t require any additional subscription, making the users feel it will be a win-win situation. However, the app had a lot of bugs and issues. From day 1 when the inauguration ceremony was held to the football matches being telecast, there has been a considerable delay, with the action being stuck in a loading loop after every few seconds. If you’ve been facing lag, this guide will be of great help to you. Here, you’ll get to know how to fix lag on Jio Cinema FIFA World Cup 2022.

How to fix lag on Jio Cinema FIFA World Cup 2022

For the unaware, Jio Cinema offers five different viewing angles – Main Feed, Cable Cam, Extended Stadium Feed, Tactical, and Player A. Out of that, the Main Feed is the default option and it is the only one that has been bugged with the lag. The other feeds are working just fine and not showing any lag or buffering.

fix lag on Jio Cinema FIFA World Cup 2022?

The Tactical Cam, Cable Cam, and Player A angle might not offer the best viewing experience. The Extended Stadium Feed offers the closest experience to the Main Feed while also offering the best viewing experience without lags or delays. As of now, if you’re facing lags or buffering, your best course of action would be to switch over from Main Feed to the Extended Stadium Feed in the app. Here is how you can do it –

  1. Stream any live FIFA World Cup 2022 match on your phone or TV
  2. Press the OK/Menu button on the remote
  3. Select the Multicam option at the top-right corner and then press OK
  4. Finally, select Extended Stadium Feed and then press OK

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