[Fixed -2022] LG TV not Connecting to Wi-Fi

LG TVs are popular for their high-quality picture and amazing specifications. However, sometimes, even the best run into a few issues here and there. Some LG TV users have been facing trouble connecting to their home Wi-Fi network. If you’re one of the users having this issue, then this guide will be extremely helpful to you. You’ll get to know about the different methods to fix this issue and get your LG TV up and running.

Method 1: Exclude the distraction from other Wi-Fi networks

Firstly, you’ll have to check your LG TV’s settings to ensure that the TV isn’t connected to any other Wi-Fi that has the same password or SSID as the target wireless Internet.

Method 2: Update the TV firmware

  • Go to the Settings -> All Settings -> General -> About the TV of the LG TV
  • After that, switch on Allow Automatic Updates
  • Click on Check for Updates
  • In case an update is available, simply follow the instructions to install the update
  • Once you’ve updated, restart the TV and then check its Wi-Fi connection

Method 3: Switch to another internet connection

You should try and connect your LG TV to another network, perhaps your smartphone’s hotspot to see whether it works or not. It’ll help you figure out which device is causing the LG TV to not connect to the Wi-Fi.

If your TV can successfully connect to a mobile hotspot, it’s the router that is causing the problem. You’ll need to look for the fixes related to the router in that case. Otherwise, you should try the methods that conduct changes to the TV.

Fix LG TV not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Method 4: Change your TV’s location settings

  • Head over to Settings -> All Settings -> General -> Location
  • Here, you should change the Broadcast Country and LG Services Country to your country
  • If you see a license agreement, Accept it to restart the TV
  • Check the TV’s Wi-Fi connection

Method 5: Reset the firmware of your TV

  • Head over to Settings -> All Settings -> General -> Reset to initial settings
  • Confirm the reset and then wait for its success
  • Once the TV restarts, you should check and see whether it can connect to the Wi-Fi connection or not

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