How to fix Lost Ark Auto-Dismantle Not Working Properly issue

Recently, Lost Ark developers added a new tool, which on paper should ideally have been an extremely important aspect of this fame but the reality shows a very stark contrast. The implementation of the tool was buggy and it wasn’t functioning along the expected lines at all.

Auto-Dismantle Not Working Properly in Lost Ark

Some users have voiced concern that they had checked Expertise and Domination Endurance while Crit spec and Swift were left unchecked. Some users were also left stunned as favorited Engravings overwrite Auto-Dismantle Combat.

If something has Domination, Endurance, or Expertise, then you’ll want it gone, regardless of the fact whether they have perfect engravings or not. But for some reason, it’s the other way around. For instance, if a Domination accessory has 1 Engraving in the favorite list, then the tool won’t dismantle it. If you’re facing any of the issues where Auto-Dismantle isn’t working properly in Lost Ark, then this guide will give you a few fixes.

How to fix Lost Ark Auto-Dismantle Not Working Properly

fix Lost Ark Auto-Dismantle Not Working Properly issue

Method 1: Skill tree notifications

You can apply the below-mentioned settings. It’ll no longer auto dismantle the Level 1-4 Tripods even if you’ve already owned them.

  • Set the Notification Threshold to Skill Tree Level 1 or above
  • Enable the Mark Low Tier Gear
  • Enable the Mark Low Effect Gear

Method 2: Tripod the Auto Dismantling function

In this method, you’ll need to turn your attention toward Tripod Auto Dismantling Function, so consider these settings. Doing so means that both the legendary and relic accessories having domination/expertise/endurance stats that you’ll loot will get dismantled. Moreover, you’ll be able to avoid getting accessories with bad stats of any quality tier or rarity.

As for the Exclude gear with engravings options go, this option will come in handy if you’re looking to keep accessories that have your favorite engravings regardless of the stats. If you’re going for this option, then you’ll be able to keep the blunt rings with expertise/endurance/domination stat.

Method 3: The perfect settings for Auto-Dismantle

When considering the perfect settings for Auto-Dismantle, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, it’s recommended that you should favorite your class engravings. Then, you shouldn’t include the following engravings – Brawler, Barricade, Drops or Ether, and Heavy Armor. This is because they don’t really blend well with multiple builds or characters.

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