How To Fix Origin update stuck on resuming download

Origin is a digital distribution platform that’s developed by Electronic Arts (EA) for purchasing and playing video games. The software client is available for PC and mobiles like Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, etc. Meanwhile, plenty of Origin Store players are having the Origin update stuck on resuming download issues. This isn’t a new problem for the Origin service users and we have a fix for this one.

There are so many online games available on Origin Store like Apex Legends, FIFA, Star Wars, Plants vs Zombies, Need for Speed, Anthem, and more. So, the issue can happen on any game for the Origin client users and now players are getting affected with this mentioned error or bug.

As we all know that each and every online game has its own bug or issues that developers may not fix all at a time. So, it’s better to try possible ways to fix the issue rather than waiting for the official patch.

How To Fix Origin update stuck on resuming download

How To Fix Origin update stuck on resuming download

Even after all the games are quite popular and offer stunning gameplay, graphics quality, some of the errors or issues are irritating. Still, if you’re getting the same issue, again and again, try following the below steps:

  • Cancel the download process by closing the Origin client.
  • Head over to the Task Manager and close all the background running processes that belong to Apex Legends or Origin launcher.
  • Check your internet connectivity as well.
  • Next, relaunch the Origin client and restart the download.
  • Additionally, you can go to My Library and click on Repair by right-clicking on the game.

We’re pretty much sure that any of these steps will come in handy for you and the issue may be solved properly. If in case, the problem persists, contact EA Help for additional support. Keep visiting the blog for more info.

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