[Solved] Pixel 6a: OEM Unlock Grayed Out, Can’t unlock bootloader

Ever since developers and users have successfully figured out that their Android smartphones are capable of more than what most manufacturers off, rotting has become quite common. Whether you’re looking to fix specific errors when operating your device or opening up a new world of customized options, there are many perks that rooting your Android phone can bring you.

The first step to rooting your device requires you to enable OEM Unlock. This is a feature that you’ll find tucked away in the Developer options. However, certain users have experienced that this feature is grayed out from the Developer options irrespective of the device’s Android version or manufacturer.

There are multiple reasons why this might happen, including you’ve recently unlocked the bootloader, the OEM unlock option might not be available for certain regions or devices, or the bootloader might already be unlocked. In this guide, you’ll get to know about the different ways you can solve this issue.

Method 1: Update your Google Pixel 6A

[Solved] Pixel 6a: OEM Unlock Grayed Out, Can't unlock bootloader

The new software update that was released in the last week of July addresses this issue. The update has already started rolling out for Verizon, Verizon MVNOs, or Japanese carriers. If you haven’t received the update notification, head over to Settings -> System -> System Update for checking if the update is available for your Pixel 6A. Once you’ve installed the update, if the OEM locking option remains grayed out, you should factory reset your device.

Method 2: Carry out a factory reset

Factory resetting your device can be pretty helpful in fixing the issue. If the problem is due to a minor bug or a system glitch, performing a factory reset can easily fix it.

  • Open the Settings app on your phone
  • Head over to System and then select Reset options
  • Now, tap on erase all data
  • Click erase all data
  • If you’re asked, enter the lock screen PIN/password before tapping Erase all data
  • Your device will automatically reboot

Method 3: Install the Android 12 build manually

Another alternative way of fixing the grayed-out OEM unlocking option is by manually installing the Android 12 build. First, you should install the Android 13 Beta 4.1 build on the smartphone and downgrade it to the latest Android 12 build. This entire process involves data loss. Hence, you’ll need to backup important data before upgrading/downgrading your device.

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