How to fix Return YouTube Dislike Not Working

In recent months YouTube users have faced challenges with the removal of the dislike count on videos or prompting unrest among the community. As a response to this change users looked for alternatives such as third party extensions like Return YouTube Dislike which allowed them to continue viewing dislike counts through YouTube’s API. However a recent Chrome update has seemingly disabled this extension leaving users in search of solutions.

The Evolution of Dislike Counts on YouTube

YouTube initially teste with hiding dislike counts in May of the previous year and officially removed them in November 2021. This decision led to an storm of 1-star Play Store ratings which were reportedly removed by Google. Consequently users turned to third party extensions to regain access to dislike counts which ultimately lead to Google restricting API access to content creators.

Recent user reports indicate that a Chrome update has automatically disabled the Return YouTube Dislike extension leaving users wondering about potential solutions. The issue extends to Firefox users as well. It appears that the extension now requests access to its own website which was causing the restriction.

How to fix Return YouTube Dislike extension disabled after latest Chrome update

Users encountering this issue can potentially regain access to the Return YouTube Dislike extension by granting the necessary permissions requested by the extension. This step may enable user to use the extension once again which may provide a temporary solution.

How to fix Return YouTube Dislike extension disabled after latest Chrome update

The disabling of these third-party extensions raises questions about user independence and preference. Users hope that Google will reconsider its decision and either reinstate the dislike counter or allow broader access to the API for such functionalities. The community remains optimistic about potential changes in the near future.

Updates and Alternatives:

  • May 17, 2022
    Users can explore the YouTube Redux extension as an alternative available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and potentially other Chromium based browsers.
  • May 9, 2023
    A Chrome update has reportedly rendered the Return YouTube Dislike extension completely non-functional. Despite granting access to its website the extension remains disabled.
  • May 10, 2023
    An update for the Chrome browser is released to address the issue. User needs to uninstall the old version and install the new copy of the extension to restore functionality.
  • October 13, 2023
    Users report that the YouTube Dislike extension frequently stops working or gets disabled after the recent update. Support team responce indicates that dislike counts are now exclusively available to creators to reduce targeted dislike attacks and their impact on content creators.

The ongoing saga of YouTube dislike counts and third party extensions highlights the dynamic nature of online platforms and user experience. As users navigate these changes the hope remains that platforms will find a balance between addressing user concerns and implementing measures to protect content creators from undue negativity.

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