How to fix the not working problem? is basically a deep fake text-to-speech service. You can find a voice sample for anything, from TV show stars to anime characters to movie stars. However, not everyone seems to be having a gala time on the website. Many people seem to be having problems with and it isn’t working for them. In this article, you’ll get to know how you can fix this issue.

Different methods to fix the not working problem

ix the not working problem

Reload your web browser

  • Close the tab that you’re using and open a new one
  • Close the older tab and then enter the link in the tab
  • If the page loads up as normal, then it was a temporary glitch that has now cleared up
  • If you’re still stuck with a loading problem, close the browser
  • Open the browser and try to open the website again

Fakeyou reload the webpage

Open the website in incognito mode

In all the web browsers, there is an incognito mode protecting the user from possible online tracking and it’ll get the job done in the majority of cases. You can try to open in incognito mode and check if it loads up.

Open Fakeyou in incognito mode

Remove any unwanted extensions

People use all kinds of browser extensions to make their internet experience easier in one way or the other. However, having way too many browser extensions can be a big problem. Chrome extensions request access to the website for additional information and certain websites don’t load up in such scenarios. It shouldn’t happen with extensions but not every extension will be bug-free. You’ll have to go to your browser’s extension page and remove all the extensions that you don’t use and then open

Remove unwanted extensions from browser

Check the internet connection

If none of the above-mentioned solutions worked, you’ll have to consider the problem with the internet connection as well. A connection problem means that a slow internet speed will ruin everything. Try to open another website on your device and see how fast that site is loading up. if there’s a log, then the problem will be your internet connection.

As a solution, try to reset your router. You can do so by completely turning it off and removing the cables from the socket for a few minutes. Once you’ve put together everything again, your reset will be completed. Then you can try to re-access If it still doesn’t load up, try to contact your ISP.

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