How to fix the Unable to Summon Cooperator error in Elden Ring

Playing alongside your friends is one of the best features of Elden Ring, especially when you’re in tricky situations. If you’re struggling with a boss or you just want to quest alongside your friends, you can always drop down a summoning sign or bring in your friend’s help with their own. Although the process is fairly simple, it doesn’t always work as planned.

Unable to Summon Cooperator error

According to several players, they are unable to see summon signs in the game. When they try to interact with it, they usually see the specific summon cooperator error pop up. This error is preventing the affected players from getting into multiplayer mode with their friends or others.

If you’re having issues, there are a few things that you should consider before you contact support. There are multiple reasons why you might be struggling to summon allies and getting the unable to summon co-operator error in Elden Ring.

How to fix the Unable to Summon Cooperator error

fix the Unable to Summon Cooperator error in Elden Ring

There are multiple reasons why you might be getting the “Unable to Summon Cooperator” error but it isn’t always because of an error.

Many times, when this occurs, it’s due to someone having summoned the same operator before you. If you’re in a busy area such as outside of a boss battle where there are other people looking to recruit help, it’ll simply come down to who summons first. If you’re attempting to do so on a signal of someone who is currently summoned elsewhere, this error will occur.

The other times, however, this can be an error. Network problems are a big reason why you’re getting this error. If this is the case, you should just check your network connection. If everything appears fine and the error still pops up, it might be a server issue. In that case, you’ll need to wait for the issue to be fixed.

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