[Fixed] Twitch Party Chat Not Working error on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

In-game chat and conversations are important as they allow you to interface with other players in the match. Interestingly, party chat is a voice chat that’ll allow you to interact with players who you invite in a group on your Xbox consoles. The players can use the party chat on Twitch to communicate and have a fun time.

If you’re getting the Twitch Party Chat Not Working error on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, there are multiple ways to fix it. In this article, you’ll get to know all those different methods.

How to fix the Twitch Party Chat Not Working error

Method 1: Restart the Twitch app

First of all, you should restart your Twitch app on the Xbox console as there is a chance that your device might not be able to run the app properly due to temporary cache files. Therefore, you should try and restart your Twitch app and then check if the party chat has started working or not.

Method 2: Wait patiently as Party Chat servers might be down

Fix Twitch Party Chat Not Working error on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

There is a possibility that the Party Chat servers might be down, due to which the chat could stop working on your Xbox console. If this is the case, then except for waiting, you don’t really have any other option.

Method 3: Reboot your Xbox console

If the issue hasn’t been resolved by restarting the app, you’ll have to reboot your Xbox console as it’ll give your device a fresh start by flushing the RAM. You’ll need to follow the steps mentioned below to reboot your device.

  1. On your Xbox controller, press the Xbox button
  2. After that, select the “Profile & System” option
  3. Navigate to “Settings” and then click on the “General” option
  4. After that, tap on “Power Mode & Startup”
  5. Now, you can tap on the “Restart Now” option along with “Ok”

Method 4: Check the Xbox server status

Have you checked if your Xbox is connected to the Microsoft servers or not? Chances are that your Xbox might not be connected to the server. Therefore, head over to DownDetector and check if there are any server issues.

You should check if other Xbox users are experiencing the same issue. Moreover, it is advised that you should hit the “I have a problem with Xbox” button as it’ll help other users know that they aren’t facing this issue alone.

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