How to Force Reboot Galaxy Note 10 (if not responding)

The South-Korean tech-giant Samsung has launched Galaxy Note 10 a few weeks ago. The Samsung Galaxy Note series devices are always come with flagship-grade specifications. It’s the successor model of the last generation Note 9. It offers great features, specs, camera setup, S Pen, and more. If you’re facing any issues with the software or app freezing on Note 10, follow this easy guide. Here we have mentioned How to Force Reboot Galaxy Note 10 (if not responding).

Though the device is fully-featured and powerful Note model yet by Samsung, nothing is perfect. Due to the Android system loopholes or app compatibility issues, some times users may find lagging/freezing. If in case, you’re one of them and facing issues with device performance or not responding, check it out. Even a flagship Android device may be stuck sometimes due to any software reason and the user can’t do anything unless until the device reboots for once.

Therefore, if your Galaxy Note 10 device isn’t responding or freeze somewhere, the normal power button won’t work by the quick press and hold. It requires force to reboot your device in order to reload the system properly and you will be back in track again. Now, follow the one-step simple guide from below.

Steps to Force Reboot Galaxy Note 10

Power + Vol (Note 10)

  • First, press and hold down the Power button (side key) + Volume Down button simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • Now, wait until the device switched off.
  • Your device will reboot automatically and you will get vibration feedback as well.
  • You’re done. The Galaxy Note 10 will boot into the system and works fine again.
Important Notes:
  • If your device feels sluggish or freezes quite often, you need to do the factory reset of your phone properly. This may fix the device software issue expectedly.
  • Otherwise, make sure that your device software is up-to-date. If not updated to the latest software version, do it first and check again.
Ravis Sharma
Ravis Sharma

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