Fortnite: Where is Silver Surfer Board (Location Check)

As the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass is now available with the Marvel Universe characters with Awakening Challenges, fans are getting overwhelmed by some of the new characters and skins. This time Epic Games has introduced cosmic herald of Galactus Silver Surfer in Season 4. Players need to just win matches and go to a certain level to get their favorite character’s skin and weapon. Then they need to complete Awakening Challenges in order to unlock the skin and weapon permanently using a new emote. Now, all the interested Fortnite Season 4 players may want to know Where is the Silver Surfer Board.

Silver Surfer is the cosmic herald of Galactus in the Marvel universe and one of the few Marvel heroes who haven’t screened yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Fortnite players are quite lucky enough to get an exclusive Fortnite crossover event that has been captured from Marvel comics.

So the Silver Surfer joins the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass just like the Iron Man, Wolverine, She-Hulk, Thor, etc. The Silver Surfer looks really cool with his metallic body. The pack also includes a silver pickaxe of Fortnite that can be used for skateboarding.

Fortnite: Where is Silver Surfer Board (Location Check)

Fortnite: Where is Silver Surfer Board (Location Check)

  • The Silver Surfer Board is also known as “Mythic Mobility” that allows players with the Silver Surfer character to jump quite high from the ground.
  • When the jump has been initiated, open up an umbrella to fly away easily.

  • So, go to the Quinjet Patrol Landing Ships location on the map and search for the board.
  • Now, it’s quite important to tell you that the board of Silver Surfer is looking different in the game than the actual Marvel movies, animations, and comics. So, don’t get fooled.
  • Once grabbed the board, perform emote to unlock it.

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