Gearbest’s Cool Gadget Sale of 2017 Promotional Sale (Massive Discounts)

Gearbest’s Cool gadget sale of 2017 is here with a massive discount as you have the chance to purchase the best in every category for an incredibly low price as well as with some exceptional deals. This deal gives you the chance to purchase products from a wide range. The categories are electronics, toys, automobiles, smartwatch, home and furniture, outdoor and sports, watches, jewelry and much more. There are some incredible deals and the discounts are as high as 80%. (gadget sale of 2017 Promotional Sale)

So here is the short introduction of 5 Products which are available in Gearbest’s Gearbest’s Cool gadget sale of 2017. (gadget sale of 2017 Promotional Sale)

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Gearbest’s Cool Gadget Sale of 2017 Promotional Sale

gadget sale of 2017 Promotional Sale

Superlux HD668B Professional Studio Standard Headphones

Superlux HD668B Professional Studio Standard Headphones is an amazing headphone which is available on Gearbest at a very affordable price tag of $27.99 this headphone has nice noise and awesome bass. FIIL music headphones for people who loves music and Fashionable and elegant appearance. It comes with 50mm driver unit, with Two-channel (stereo), brings the good sound effect. Very comfortable for wearing even after a long time. I has 1m and 3m cable, meets different needs for personal music appreciation or professional recording. Gold-plated 3.5mm plug, anti-rust and suits for most kinds of mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices.

U80 Smart Bluetooth Watch

U80 Smart Bluetooth Watch is an amazing smartwatch which comes with amazing features and stylish look. You can’t expand its storage because there is no external sd card slot but its sufficient for a smartwatch to store things in it.This device is only compatible only with android, not windows or ios, the bad part is that we can’t connect this with ios.It has wireless connectivity like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Gps. It has the built-in battery of 180 mAh. It also has the anti lost function. It is 1.44 inch and has LED screen type. It is unisex watch so both male and female can wear it.

Original Xiaomi Piston In-ear Earphones

Xiaomi Piston In-ear Earphones is an amazing earphone which comes with amazing built quality and premium look. This earphone is available at a very affordable price tag of $5.99. It has Aluminium alloy earbud and is anti-fingerprint and also it is very durable. It also has a Built-in mic for hands-free calls. It has very Ergonomics design, and are very comfortable to wear. It has Third generation damping balance system which delivers the more clear and detailed sound. Cable length of this earphone is 1.25mm. It is compatible with iPod,Mobile phone,Portable Media Player.

Original Xiaomi Wireless Smart IP Camera

Xiaomi Wireless Smart IP Camera is an amazing CCTV camera which comes with amazin built quality and with many amazing features. This cmaera is available at very affordable price tag of $68.59. Its camera also comes equipped with six lens design meaning it gives better performance than expected in low light conditions. Not only that, it gives a exceptionally good performance in the night time also with the use of 10 LED IR lights which work together to ensure its good performance 24/7 so that the camera can capture what you need it to capture. It can also be used to get a 360-degree panoramic view (with its field-of-view of 100.2 degrees) as it rotates a full 360-degrees allowing it to monitor everything in its surrounding. It can operate between the temperature range of 10-50 degrees without any problems and also includes the Wi-Fi technology.

If you are interested to know all the products listed on Gearbest’s Cool gadget sale of 2017 Promotional Sale then, check out the full product list here. ( Ultimate Xiaomi Promotional Sale)

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