Galaxy AI to Enable Real-Time Translation in WhatsApp

Samsung is getting ready to show its new Galaxy AI at next week’s Unpacked event. The big news coming is that they might add real-time translation to WhatsApp. This news is coming from popular tipster ICE UNIVERSE.

Samsung is working with other apps to make Galaxy AI even better. WhatsApp already uses Samsung’s AI to translate chats. Soon, it might translate WhatsApp calls in real-time. With 2.7 billion WhatsApp users, this could be a big deal for both companies.

It’s not new to Samsung devices; remember the Live Translate feature on Galaxy S24 phones? It translated calls instantly using AI. Now, Samsung wants to bring this to other apps too.

Ice Universe about Galaxy AI to bring Realtime Translation to WhatsApp
Ice Universe about Galaxy AI to bring Realtime Translation to WhatsApp

Samsung is really pushing the boundaries with its Galaxy AI, especially when it comes to breaking down language barriers. Let’s face it, these days most of us are using apps like WhatsApp for our chats and calls, not just regular phone lines.

Samsung is not going it alone, though. They’ve got some pretty impressive friends in their corner. We’re talking about big names like Microsoft, Meta, and Google. These partnerships are what give Galaxy phones some of their coolest features. And it looks like they’re not stopping at WhatsApp; there’s talk of Google Meet and WeChat getting in on the AI translation action too.

Via: UniverseIce

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