Gearbest 11.11 Lucky Bag offer; deals starting from $1.11

Gearbest has been offering many products at a highly discounted price in the 11.11 sale which is also known as Singles Day in China. This day is celebrated widely across the country and people spend most of their earnings on this day and thus, the websites also offer exciting offers so that they can have their money well spent and with the products that they need the most.

Now, there is one exciting and unique offer that is also put up on the Gearbest website and this is the Gearbest 11.11 Lucky Bag offer which is exactly what the name suggests and that is, it has a lucky bag where we have to purchase the bag and we have to get in the draw and if we are lucky, we can get the products for the price of that lucky bag. Now, the most exciting part is that the Lucky Bags start from $1.11 only and offer some exciting products for the price.

There are some categories that have been divided according to the price of this Lucky Bags and we have mentioned those categories down below so that you can have a look at them.

Gearbest 11.11 Lucky Bag offer; deals starting from $1.11

Less than $10.11

The first category in this Lucky Bag sale on Gearbest is the less than $10.11 category where there are Lucky Bags that cost less than $10.11. But, we have to tell you that there are lucky bags in this category that start from just $1.11 which offer products such as LED Night Light. Other products include VR headsets, In-ear Earphones, Mini flashlights and external mic.

Category 1: Gearbest 11.11 Lucky Bag offer; deals starting from $1.11

$11.11 – $29.11

In this category, there are lucky bags that are starting from $11.11 and this lucky bags go all the way up to $29.11. Here, there are products such as the Mi TV Box, Smartband, Sports earphones, Sling bags and other such accessories.

Category 2: Gearbest 11.11 Lucky Bag offer; deals starting from $1.11

Greater than or equal to $29.11

The last category in this Lucky Bag offer section is the category which offers lucky bags that are above the $29.11 mark. In this category, there are lucky bags worth $111.11 and also there are bags that cost exactly $29.11. The products which are up for grabs in this category include LED headlamp, LED flashlight, Bluetooth Gamepad, Android Tablet PC and LED Ceiling light.

Category 3: Gearbest 11.11 Lucky Bag offer; deals starting from $1.11

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