Gearbest Biggest Back to School Sale (Smartphone only for $1)

The Biggest Back to School Sale Is Coming.Are you ready!!! (Huge Discounts) is one of the best websites online shopping websites around. You can get all the latest electronic gadgets at really cheap prices with 100% guarantee. You can even get rid of all your doubts and queries related to the products you are interested in by going to the ‘pre-sales’ live chat session. Here we will clear all your doubts so that you can purchase your favourite products without any tension. You can also use the ‘post-sales’ live chat session for reporting any issues which you are facing after purchasing any product.

The website will be launching a ‘back to school’ sale between the dates Aug 16th – Aug 19th. The customers will be provided with lots of exciting and compelling offers. There are various rounds in which different types of discounts are provided.So here we share all back to school sale deals

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Remember, all deals are divided into rounds below we are sharing all the details are provided below 

Gearbest Back to school sale

Gearbest Back to School Sale (16th-19th August 2016)

In round 1, there is a set of products which we have decided. You will need to share the event or the product on any social networking site and after you have clicked on share, you will receive a coupon code, that coupon code will give you discounts in the rate of 40-60%.

Back to School Gearbest Deals

Some of the products are:

VS311 LCD projector

This is a multimedia player with 150 visible lumens, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 480 x 320 megapixels. This is a high performance projector which is really handy and easy to store. This is of great use for any family with children and playful environment; you can watch HD movies, relive the life with highlight reel and much more.

The original price is $62.21 but after availing the coupon code offer, you can get it for $38.99 only.


Laser Engraver printer

This amazing printer increases the efficiency and smoothness of the carvings. It can be used to reduce the carving temperature, deformation and the internal stress of carvings. It comes equipped with a 2500mW laser head which gives it higher speed and makes it well suited for long term usage.

Normally it is available for $418.03 but after getting a hefty discount via coupon code, you can get it for just $196.99.


In round 2, there is a set of 8 products which are limited in stock. These products are available for just $1. Can you believe it? Just $1!! However, the stock is limited so you will need to quickly make your move as they might get sold quicker than you expect.

Back to school sale Elephone P9000

Here is a trailer of what you should expect:

Elephone P9000 4G Phablet (Chance to get this for just $1)

This is an amazing device which is equipped with lots of latest technologies. It has a 5.5 inch screen and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. The CPU is MTK6755 Octa Core 2.0 GHz. It has 4 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM storage capacity. The rear camera is 13.0 MP and the front camera is 8.0 MP with auto focus. Other special features include Wireless charging, Gesture function, Smart key mode, Fingerprint lock, E-Touch, Applock and more.

Currently it can be purchased at a reasonable price of $199.99 but during the ‘Back to school’ sale, this product will be available for only $1. The only downside is that stock contains only 51 pieces, so you might want to be ready with your laptop, fast internet and credit cards as soon as the sale begins.


Round 3 consists of the normal products with discounts, there is no coupon code or $1 sale theme about it. However you can get products at a good discount rate. Products like:

Back to School round wise deals

Zeblaze Blitz 3G smartphone watch

This is quite a handy watch which can perform various functions at the times other devices quite can’t. You can keep it on yourself at all times and you will rarely need a phone as it fulfils that task well. It is even waterproof and comes with speed trackers, so you can swim and judge your performances at the same time, something you cannot do when using a phone. It comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop OS and gorilla glass protection. It comes with 512 MB ROM and 4 GB ROM storage capacity. Its other features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera, GPS and much more.

Round 4 consists of all the household things that you must have in your house but you don’t. In this category, such things are available for purchase at really cheap prices. Most of them can be purchased at really low prices, starting from $0.99 after discount.

Some of the items include in back to school sakle are > Whistle Key finder/tracker, Xiaomi Portable USB LED light, Tempered glass screen, waterproof pouch case.



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