Get all the Pixel features on OnePlus devices without Custom ROM

Until Android 11, things were going quite well with the OnePlus, with its in-house OS skin being among the most popular players in its domain. In fact, for many users, it was the main reason why users chose to purchase these handsets.

However, since OnePlus decided to ditch its OxygenOS and make the jump to the bloated ColorOS, things have been going in a downward direction for OnePlus devices. By Android 13, it had become a carbon copy of Oppo’s OS. Owing to that reason, many users have turned to the Custom ROM options.

However, these custom ROMs were only being developed till OnePlus 9 handsets as they were the last devices to have a user-accessible MSM tool. From the OnePlus 10 Series onward, users were left in the open. Well, not anymore.

Users now have the option of breaking free from the shackles of the bloated OxygenOS and get their hands on a clean stock OS with a few Pixel features.

What features can you expect from the Pixel Mod?

Some of the best features that you can expect from the Pixel mod –

  • Google Next Generation Assistant Typing
  • Pixel 6 & Pixel 7 Live Wallpapers
  • Adaptive Charging
  • Magic Eraser
  • Google Dialer Direct Call
  • Battery Widget
  • Enables Nexus, Pixel, and Android One app support
  • Extreme Battery Saver
  • Google Dialer Call Screening
  • Adaptive Connectivity
  • Adaptive Sound
  • Google Dialer Hold for me
  • Call Caption Typing
  • Google Fit Respiratory rate
  • Live Captions in different languages
  • Call Captions
  • Google Duo features
  • Pixel Blue theme accent
  • Google Fit Heart rate
  • Google Digital Wellbeing Heads up
  • Live captions
  • Next Generation Assistant
  • Unlimited Photos backup
  • Now Playing Export
  • Google Dialer Call Recording
  • Screen Attention Service
  • Pokemon SideKick Live Wallpaper
  • Portrait Light
  • Unlimited Photos backup
  • Smart Compose

How to get the Pixel features on OnePlus devices without custom ROM (Root required)

Get all the Pixel features on OnePlus devices without Custom ROM

  • First, you need to root your OnePlus device using Magisk (Oneplus 11 guide, but you can find rooting guides for All OnePlus devices)
  • After that, download the Pixelify module from GitHub
  • Now, you need to launch Magisk before tapping on the Settings icon
  • Enable the toggle next to Zygisk
  • Head over to Modules, choose the Pixelify module, and then tap on “OK”
  • Use the Volume keys for installing the features you want
  • Once it is done, wait for the module to get flashed
  • Now, tap Reboot
  • Your smartphone will be booted with numerous Pixel features installed
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