How to get Android N features on Any Android Phone

Guide: How to get Android N features on Any Android Phone with Android N-ify Xposed Module.This guide is for all rooted android devices running on Android lollipop 5.0, kitkat , Marshmallow 6.0 ,6.0.1

What exactly is Android N???

As we all know about the history between Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android, each year both of them release their upgraded version of operation systems to get ahead in this two horse race. Last year Apple launched iOS 9 and Google came back at them with Android Marshmallow. Recently Apple launched iOS 9.3, so how could Google not respond to that?? They came up with this new OS, Android N. Though they haven’t revealed what does ‘N’ stand for, but have released a public BETA version of it. It would have come as a huge disappointment had I told you that only users of ‘Nexus’ will have access to it, it’s true that only ‘Nexus’ users can use Android ‘N’ but thanks to XDA Developers who heard the silent cries of people like us and have been working very hard to port almost all of the Android ‘N’ features, if not all then at least the useful features into any Android device. They made this possible thanks to a Xposed module called ‘Android N-ify’. This module helps any Android device to obtain the benefits of Android ‘N’

How it is better than other versions of android??

Android N comes with some features never before seen on any Android platform. The developers have tried to cover every major area which needed upgrades.

Some major features are:

  • Data Saver Mode: Android N comes with an all new Data Saver mode which will help reduce cellular data use by background apps. It also helps the user control the amount of data user for apps.
  • Direct Boot addition: This feature will allow apps to have limited functionality even after unexpected reboots. Additionally, it will improve the start-up time.
  • Productivity: A recent survey revealed that most people only use a limited set of 6-7 apps which they use frequently, so the recent app drawer wheel will be limited to those apps. It also includes a hamburger button for quickly jumping to a different option without hitting back to the main menu.
  • VR support: Daydream, a platform for mobile was announced, it comes with a set of specs that phones have to meet in order to be compatible. By going to Settings > Apps > Configure apps > Special Access > VR helper, you will find a menu where you will have to select the list of apps that will make use of an API designed for VR apps.
  • Enhanced doze mode: The energy saving mode has been improved. Unlike earlier it can also be used even if the phone was active moments ago. It also saves battery time whenever the screen is turned off.
  • Reply to messages from the notifications bar: Through this feature, you can reply directly from the notifications bar. You won’t need to unlock the phone every time or even leave any app to answer to texts.

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→ Step by Step guide to get Android N features on Any Android

Now the most important question, how to get Android N features on Any Android Phone????

Get Android N features On Any Android

Follow the given steps to get Android N features on Any Android

  1. As a precaution, take a Nandroid backup of your device, even though this process is completely failproof.Guide [icon name=”hand-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] How To Create & Restore Nandroid Backup On Android Devices
  2. Make sure that you have root access and a fully updated amd functional Xposed Framework.
  3. Download the latest Android N-ify module’s APK from and transfer it to the device where you want to install Android N.
  4. Enable the option Unknown Sources from Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. It allows your android device to install any third-party application.
  5. Search for the Android N-ify APK file in the file manager and then go through with the installation process.
  6. Installation might take some time. Once installed, open the Xposed application and enable the Android N-ify module.
  7. Once enabled, start the application and choose the appropriate settings for you.
  8. The Final step, reboot your device.
  9. In fact, this is the final step: ENJOY the benefits of Android N!!!! 

On a side note: Let’s start up a campaign to name this version as Android Nutella, rather than this current boring name which is Android N.

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