How to Get Cool stuff for free stuff Gearbest

You can Get Cool stuff for free stuff Gearbest.Yeah, you heard it right.Now users can get free stuff (Tech, beauty, and others) from guide will help you on How to Get Cool stuff for free stuff Gearbest

Steps to Get Cool stuff for free stuff Gearbest

GearBest has recently launched a spectacular “Get it Free” program in which the users have to share any product on GearBest on their social media pages, be it Facebook or Twitter or even Pinterest. For every new customer who signs up for GearBest and purchases that product, GearBest will give the same product for free to the person who shared that product and got them a new customer.

Get Cool stuff for free stuff Gearbest

Steps On How to Get Cool stuff for free from Gearbest:

  1. First of all, find the “Get it free” program.Go to this link
  • Login to your GearBest account and fine the “My share” option in the Account center.
  • Now click on the “Check Out” button to find the introduction of this program.

Get it free from Gearbest


  1. Now find the product which you want on your “Get it free” product page.
  • Click on the “Get it free” button.
  • Copy the link and paste it on your social media pages to share it.
  • Don’t forget to invite your friends to register on GearBest via your link.


  1. Find the list of products you have shared.
  • Click on “My share” in Account Center.
  • Here you can easily check the orders which you have finished.
  • After you have enough qualified orders, you will receive a product coupon.

My share- Get Cool stuff for free stuff Gearbest




  • A nominal handling fee of $0.01 is charged if your order contains only the free product. The fee isn’t included if your order contains any other item.
  • Qualified Orders:
  1. Invite your friends to register via your link only and complete first time order.
  2. The first order purchased must have the order price equal to or greater than your shared product.
  3. If the order is refunded, it will not be considered as a qualified order.

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