How To Get Round Icons On Any Rooted Android Nougat Device

Guide: How To Get Round Icons On Any Rooted Android Nougat Device.This is the guide to activate round icon on your android phone.Round icon is provided by the app itself and not by any launcher.

All the applications supporting round icon provides two types of icons, that is, normal and round. So we will enable the round icon using OEM by changing the framework-res.apk in the device so proceed if you are comfortable doing so.


Disclaimer is not responsible for any damage happened to your device(s) while following this guide. Proceed at your own risk.

How To Get Round Icons On Any Rooted Android Nougat Device

How To Get Round Icons On Any Rooted Android Nougat Device

  • The first step is to download the firmware-res.apk.You will need your own device’s firmware-res.apk, it is located at – \Root\System\framework\
  • Then you will have to download Apktool.jar and copy firmware-res.apk to the folder where Aoktool.jar is located. You should keep both the folders in an easily accessible location like desktop.
  • After this,Decompile firmware-res.apk by opening CMD on the folder in which firmware-res.apk and Apktool.jar was located and run the following command:
java -jar apktool.jar d framework-res.apk
  • Then open bools.xml which is located at \framework-res\res\values\bools.xml using the text editor and then rewrite the given line –
<bool name="config_useRoundIcon">fasle</bool>

So that it becomes –

<bool name="config_useRoundIcon">true</bool>
  • Then you will have to compile your framework-res.apk by typing :
java -jar apktool.jar b framework-res –c
  • After doing that, replace the old firmware-res.apk with the new one by copying the new compiled firmware-res.apk in framework-res\dist to your Android Device \Root\System\framework\. I would recommend backing up the default framework.res-apk before doing this.
  • Lastly, clear the pixel launcher data by going to “app info” then “storage” and then selecting “clear data”. Congratulations, you are done.

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