How to get verified on Xbox (Updated – 2022)

Not many people know this but it’s actually possible to get verified on Xbox. Microsoft has a system in place to get verified on Xbox but it doesn’t work that effectively for the general public. Sometimes, it doesn’t even work for big brands or celebrities because Xbox isn’t a place where you can advertise yourself. If you’re looking to get verified on Xbox, there’s a way around Microsoft’s system. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to get verified on Xbox.

Can you get verified on Xbox?

Microsoft doesn’t actually have an official system to allow users to get verified on Xbox Live. This is the case because Xbox isn’t actually a social media platform. It isn’t a place where celebrities and brands can advertise their products and services. It’s primarily a platform for gamers to connect together and enjoy their favorite games in team-based modes.

So not everyone can get officially verified on Xbox. However, you can still see gamer tags with a green verification badge. This is an exclusive club as it is something that you’ll see attached to the official Microsoft and Xbox employees. You can see developers from game companies having green check marks, especially people from Rockstar Games, Sony, and more.

If you see someone with the verified badge, it’s unlikely that they’re an official developer from somewhere. They might have done the same thing that will be shown here.

How to get the verified tick on Xbox?

get verified on Xbox

If you still want to get verified on Xbox, there isn’t actually an official way of doing it. However, you can take the unofficial route by putting the word verified under your name on Xbox Live.

The first step would be to head over the and then sign in to your Xbox profile. Once you’ve signed in, go to the Edit Profile settings. Then, copy a special character next to your name. You can also put Verified Developer before following it with a checkmark in the First Name, then putting the rest of your name in the Last Name. It will appear as “Verified Developer✔ + Last name” online.

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