Google addresses Pixel lockscreen bug with Android 15 Beta 3.1

Google has just released Android 15 Beta 3.1, a minor update following last month’s third beta release. This new version aims to address remaining issues after the platform stability milestone was reached with Android 15 Beta 3.

The latest beta, version AP31.240517.031, is now available for Pixel devices from the Pixel 6 series onwards, including the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold.

This incremental update focuses on fixing 3 major issues that users have been experiencing. It tackles the lock screen touch input bug, resolves biometric authentication failures, and addresses various connectivity and audio issues.  The update also improves the stability, performance, and security of the devices.

Android 15 Beta 3.1 Changelog

  • Fixed issues that caused the lock screen to intercept touch input and prompt the user to unlock the device, even when interacting with elements on the lock screen that don’t require the device to be unlocked. (Issue #348101427, Issue #345873537)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused biometric face authentication to fail.
  • Fixed various other issues that were impacting system stability, connectivity, and audio quality.

If you own a compatible Pixel smartphone, you can get the new beta by joining the Android Beta Program.

  1. Enroll in the beta program
  2. You’ll then receive the beta update over-the-air
  3. Check for updates in Settings > System > System updates

OTA update check

For those who prefer manual installation:

  1. You can sideload the beta
  2. Download Factory images or OTA files from the official pages
  3. Remember to back up your device before sideloading
  4. installation guide is also written there on our download page linked on point 2

Android 15 Developer Preview users:

  • You’ll automatically receive the beta over-the-air
  • Manual installation is also an option

Keep in mind that beta software may have bugs, so proceed with caution.


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