Google announces the latest Android 13 Go Edition

In recent months, Google has been releasing several new updates for its smartphones, devices, applications, and more. In fact, in August of this year, Google officially released the official version of Android 13 and brought along many new changes, including tons of new features, mind-blowing UI changes, and a lot more. Now, Google has announced the newest Android version, namely Android 13 Go Edition. The new update has been pushed for a number of low-RAM Android smartphones.

Google unveiled the Android 13 Go Edition for budget smartphones with the latest updates. The Go Edition was introduced 5 years ago to help OEMs give affordable devices with a tailored software edition. This upgraded version of Android will remove any unnecessary apps from the smartphone and only feature the essentials.

Changelog for the new Android 13 Go Edition update

With the new update, the updatable APEX modules will be supported, allowing you to get Google Play System Updates. Moreover, the Launcher3Go will now support Google Discover as the -1 screen. With the Material You theming system, there are 4 color schemes that you can pick from. Some other key features of the update include per-app language preferences, runtime permission for notifications, and more.

Google announces the latest Android 13 Go Edition

Google has been rolling out the new Google Discover feature with the latest update as well. This feature is very useful for users who love reading news articles. It’ll notably curate a list of news stories and other content based on the users’ browsing history.

Before Android 13, the Go Edition devices were only expected to load the Module Metadata, Permission Controller, and ExtServices modules. Now, they’ll need to preload a host of Mainline modules that are in APEX format. The modules that have been created for Android Go Edition devices aren’t the same modules as the ones for regular Android devices. They ostensibly feature some low RAM optimizations, removed functions, and more, which is why they have different package names.

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