Google Camera 8.1 MOD APK – Download GCAM 8.1 update for Android 12

Google officially released its Google Camera version 8 when the brand launched its smartphones Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 4a. Later, the Google Play Store listing for the app updated it to Google Camera 8.1.

The most stable and popular Google Cam 8.1 MOD has been updated by numerous developers, including BSG, Arnova, Cstark, and more. With Android 12 the talk of the tech world currently, it only makes sense to have a mod that supports the latest firmware. Although GCam 8.4 mod has become available, the app doesn’t support all Android versions. If you want to run the Google Camera application on Android 12, then GCam 8.1 would be a perfect choice. GCam 8.1 MOD APK is also compatible with Android 11, Android 10, Android 9 Pie, Android 8 Oreo, and older versions.

Features of Gcam 8.1 MOD (Google Camera v8.1)

The Google Camera v8 will come with splendid features like Portrait light, night sight in portrait mode, ultrawide lens support, a new editor in Google Photos, and a cinematic pan for videos, among others. The best bit about this application is that you’ll be able to run the best camera software on any non-Pixel device as well. This Gcam port will help you in that aspect.

This Modded app has been tested vigorously and it works on most Android devices from Samsung, OnePlus, Poco, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and more. The Gcam 8.1 MOD is fairly stable and will come in many variants from reputed developers including BSG, Arnova, Ultra CVM mod, Urnyx, and more.

Google Camera 8.1 MOD APK - Download GCAM 8.1 update for Android 12

Download and install different versions of Gcam 8.1 MOD APK from

As mentioned above, Gcam 8.1 MOD has been tested on several Android devices and will support most firmware, including the recently launched Android 12. The Gcam 8.1 will come in different variants from developers like BSG, Arnova, Urynx, Cstark, and more.

You can easily try out different variants and choose the best one that suits your device.

Note: We would like to thank androidsage for this Gcam list. All credit goes to them.

Gcam 8.1 by BSG

Gscam 8.1 by Arnova

Gcam 8.1 by Nikita

Gcam 8.1 UltraCVM Mod

Gcam 8.1PX by Urynx

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