Google Foldable Phone’s patent hints at a Galaxy Fold-like design with a bezel camera

Google has been hard at work developing a foldable phone, which the company has decided to name the Pixel Notepad. It was originally anticipated that the product will be introduced prior to the end of 2022, but it does not appear that this will occur. However, there is a possibility that those interested in smartphones will be able to catch a look of the device at the launch event for the Pixel 7 Series later on in the fall.

The application for the patent was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization in June of 2021. Drawings included in the patent application for the device depict the foldable Pixel smartphone as having a layout that is comparable to that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

Google Foldable Phone patent hints at a notch housing a selfie camera

The patent was officially filed at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in 2021 and the design is slightly similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. The Google Foldable Phone would be able to fold in half like a notebook but the bezels around the screen seem fairly thick. Like with most Foldable phones, there is a crease in the middle that’s hard to avoid.

Further, the Google Foldable Phone in the patent also appears to have a selfie camera housed in the top bezel unlike the recent Galaxy Z Fold 4 that comes with a selfie snapper within the screen. The patent description for the patent reads “A camera having an aperture located in a bezel of the second assembly that bothers the flexible continuous display”. There will be a cover screen for usual smartphone tasks but the patent doesn’t appear to show the design of the device folded.

It’s also speculated that the main camera array on the Google Foldable Phone could be similar to the Pixel 6 Series with a horizontal stripe. It’s not the first time that there’s talk of a Pixel Foldable Phone as there have been numerous renders and patent design leaks previously.


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