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Google Search Engine Optimization and Why It Always Counts

Anytime we want to search for something online the general statement we make is ‘let me Google that.’ While there are many other search engines, this proves the dominance of the platform compared to all other competitors. For any other individual it could not be much of a big deal, but for a business, this is the light bulb that signals it is time for action. There is no enterprise that operates in a vacuum, and in the highly digitized environment, a company’s online presence makes all the difference. Primarily, this is where the business gets to have a direct link to the largest market share opening up limitless possibilities which any brand can tap into for growth.

Since Google controls 64.42% of the search market which translates to more than 3.5 billion search queries every day all year long, no business can turn a blind eye to the platform. Ignoring the potentials of the search engine thereby means locking out all potential traffic that could easily be converted to be one of your loyal clients. It is all about sales and increasing market coverage, and regardless of the niche of operation, the likelihood is that at this moment there are hundreds of thousands of clients looking for the products or services online.

Google Search Engine Optimization and Why It Always CountsTo tap into the greatness of Google understanding the concept behind the operation of search engines is essential. The origin of the word Google comes from the mathematical term ‘Googol’ which represents one (1) followed by 100 zeros. Translated to the search engine, this reflects how the mission of the company is to handle the millions of data and information available from websites and to avail them to internet users. A system of algorithms is therefore used to sort out the millions of web pages giving everyone instant result in a matter of seconds.

A proven technique for tapping into the horizons which Google has opened for every business is through Search Engine Optimization. Not all SEO procedures are considered white-hat, and for a guaranteed process that will make a site abide by the rules of the search engine and have better rankings, professional solutions cannot be ignored. A defining principle of search engine optimization calls for understanding what results internet users are after and the type of results Google will show in the first page where everyone wants to be. As an amateur that has no idea on the pitfalls to avoid and pillars to build on, it could be a frustrating venture that has no changes to the business objectives.

However, when subjected to a team of seasoned digital marketers that have within their fingertips more profound grasp of all the best practices and uses of SEO tools, the results are always outstanding. It is a simple principle that takes time to master and once mastered it is a different gameplay as a business no longer looks for clients, but clients get to them. Google stands undisputed for all the obvious reasons as from the high traffic managed every second they are the number one reason why e-commerce can only get better if you play by the rules.

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