Google starts rolling out the latest May 2022 Update for Pixel handsets

Google is among the quickest when it comes to releasing software updates and it has done it yet again. It’s still the first week of May and Google has started rolling out the new May 2022 Update for the Pixel handsets. The update has already gone live for Pixel 3A and the other latest Pixel smartphones. This is a minor update and it’ll fix many known bugs and other issues.

Changelog for the May 2022 Pixel update

Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro users have been having issues with haptic feedback since the last Pixel update. The vibration was weak in terms of receiving the notification and because of this issue, many users have been missing the notifications. If you’re one of the users having this issue, the May 2022 Pixel Update will fix it.

Apart from fixing haptic feedback, this issue will also fix many bugs related to the display and launcher. The haptic feedback issue was evident in the Pixel 6 Series whereas the other two issues were seen in the Google Pixel 3A and other latest Pixel devices.

Display and graphics

  • The update comes with the fix for the issue where occasionally, the display would wake up without user interaction.


  • Improvements have been made to haptic feedback under certain conditions in Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

User interface

  • The update will fix the issue causing the launcher to crash after restarting the device in certain conditions

Download the May 2022 Pixel Update for the Google Pixel devices

Google starts rolling out the latest May 2022 Update for Pixel handsets

The May 2022 Pixel Update is being released for these devices –

  • Pixel 3A (XL)
  • Pixel 4 (XL)
  • Pixel 4A (5G)
  • Pixel 4A (XL)
  • Pixel 5A (5G)
  • Pixel 5
  • Pixel 6
  • Pixel 6 Pro

All of these Pixel devices will be receiving the May 2022 update with the build number SP2A.220505.002. The update will be coming to your Pixel devices soon as the update rollout is already underway. As this will be a staged rollout, some devices will get the update initially while others will receive it in the coming days and weeks.

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