Guide on how to choose the best iPad

We will look over four different versions of current iPads available on the market so you can get a grasp of what they have to offer, their different capabilities, and the profile of consumers that they’re oriented for.

With the recent release of Apple’s iOS 16, it’s the best time to start thinking about getting an iPad if you haven’t.

This guide will help you optimize your budget when buying an iPad so you can get the perfect fit for the use you’ll give to this piece of hardware.

iPad Basic:

In a strict sense, if you’re on a budget, this is the iPad for you.

Even if it’s the cheapest iPad available, it has awesome capabilities. It has support for the Apple Smart Keyboard, the A13 processor which is an already powerful processor and will allow you to have a smooth experience while using the iPad.

The drawbacks that we could signal on this version are the design, with mainly the existence of the home button which makes this iPad look a bit outdated, and the size of the internal gap between the screen and the tactile hardware. This causes a bit of a delay in accuracy when writing with an Apple pencil.

iPad Mini:

The most portable of iPads. It fits on a single hand and it’s ideal for reading on the go thanks to its size and weight. The smaller screen means that it’s less oriented for content creation and more for consuming media or playing online games.

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iPad Air:

This is a fully mid-range device when speaking about tablets. You’re paying almost double the iPad Basic but get quite a lot in return.

You have a bigger screen (10.9 instead of 10.2), it has a port on the side to charge the Apple Pencil, and it’s compatible with the 2nd generation of this pencil. The display quality is better, and it feels more solid as it’s a laminated display. And the iPad Air has a USB-C port, which is compatible with most chargers, including those of other brands.

This version comes with an M1 processor which is a very powerful hard drive and allows this iPad to be more than efficient with apps like Photoshop or Final Cut. It’s also ideal for gamers that are into high-end videogames that require powerful processors.

iPad Pro:

The iPad Pro is a state-of-the-art piece of hardware. Thus, the huge difference in price range compared to the rest of the iPads on this list.

The iPad Pro of course improves every technical aspect of any other iPad, but some of the improvements are hard to notice if you don’t truly squeeze what this hardware has to offer. The A13 or A15 processors on other iPads work as swiftly as the M1 processor on this iPad and the Air version.

What’s impressive about the iPad Pro is the 120Hz display which makes the screen very smooth. It’s a huge jump from the 60Hz of other versions. If you’re an artist, it’s an incomparable feeling when using the iPad Pro compared to the rest of the iPad range.


If you’re a consumer, somebody that uses the iPad for reading, watching videos, or listening to music, then you should be more than satisfied with an iPad Basic or an iPad Mini. If you will give your iPad a light professional use, meaning academic use, or if you consider yourself a content creator enthusiast, uploading content online mainly for a hobby, then the iPad Pro could be the best fit.

And finally, if you’re looking for a tool to help you in your main professional careers, like photography, music production, graphic design, or video editing for example, then you should be considering the iPad Pro 11” or 12.9”. This last iPad is considerably more expensive than the rest and almost 700 dollars more expensive than the iPad Basic. Therefore, you should think about the use you will give your iPad in order to properly make the most out of your investment.


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