HarmonyOS 2: These devices have received it. Beta and Final Release Status

HarmonyOS 2 has started being rolled out for a bunch of Huawei devices over the course of 2021 and many Huawei handsets have been receiving the update in 2022. Huawei’s proprietary OS comes as an option for many devices but throughout the last year and the start of this year, a majority of its models have received the updated OS.

What is HarmonyOS 2?

The HarmonyOS 2 is an operating system designed to bring a consistent and seamless experience across different types of devices. The software can be found in Huawei’s latest devices while other models have been gradually receiving the update. The new OS will be adaptable to a mobile office, social communication, fitness, media entertainment, health, and more.

Features of HarmonyOS 2 operating system

The HarmonyOS 2 will integrate numerous smart devices to implement fast connection, resource sharing, and capability collaboration between different devices. This way, the services could be easily transferred to suitable devices delivering a smooth all-scenario experience.

HarmonyOS 2 will adopt distributed technologies for making application development possible on device forms. With HarmonyOS 2, you’ll be able to get the choice to focus on upper-layer service logic and develop applications in an easier and more effective way.

HarmonyOS 2: These devices have received it. Beta and Final Release Status

HarmonyOS 2 will use a competent-based software design tailoring itself to particular device forms based on respective resource capabilities and service characteristics.

Devices that have received the Harmony OS 2 update in 2022

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