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HIGOLE GOLE360 360 Degree Panorama VR Action Camera Full Review

Nowadays, there are many cameras on the market and actually, some of them are very nice in terms of photographs and video recording, there is huge competition in camera fields. Many companies are introducing their camera each and every day, hoping to get a place with well-known camera companies like Nikon, Canon, Sony etc. GOLE is a company which is popularly known for making mini PC and tablets, but this time they done something different, they introduced HIGOLE GOLE360 360 Degree Panorama VR Action Camera, which we gonna review today.

RMG REVIEW: HIGOLE GOLE360 360 Degree Panorama VR Action Camera

So if you are tired of visits to the market when looking for a new smart 360-degree camera then you can certainly have a look at this product from GOLE. GOLE’s 360-degree Panorama VR action camera is top notch and captures in 1080p resolution and also gives you an option of  zoom so that you can be sure about whether the captured image is what you want to capture exactly.

This camera consists of two fish-eye lens modules and one mainframe. Two a hundred ninety degree ultra-wide angle fish-eye lens ar applied and situated against every alternative, and collected images are going to be transmitted to SOC. The built-in image splice algorithmic rule of the chip is in a position to seamlessly clip and splice the image into 360 degree seamless image. What is more, the user can record and collect 360 degree panorama pictures around the camera so save their recorded pictures into the camera’s intrinsical SD card or transmit pictures to their mobile via USB cable.

You can attach this 360-degree camera with your phone and can take selfie and can capture picture with 360 degree, which make every corner beautiful, you can touch around to rotate the image 360-degree. This 360-degree camera comes with INFOTM C23 chipset. You can also record the 360-degree video 960P 30FPS resolution, which can bring you high HD video enjoyment. It has 4 shooting modes: flat, sphere, VR, planet.

This 360-degree camera comes with Dual 190 degree wide angle lens, which is capable of capture wonderful images, it ensure excellent shoot vision and retains more realistic scene. This 360-degree camera also support  TF cards up to 128GB maximum. It has dual USB ports out of which one is Type-C port for charging another one is micro USB port for connecting to mobile phones. It also has 800mAh removable Li-ion battery that is easy to replace and prolongs your camera’s service life.

It has a 4-megapixel camera, lens diameter is F2.4. This product is only compatible with Android mobile phones, not for iOS mobile phones. One of the best things is that the HIGOLE GOLE360 360 Degree Panorama VR Action Camera is now available for preorder in at the price tag of $118.66. .Buy Now at

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