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HOMTOM HT10 Review: Best Phone Under $200 ?

Homtom HT 10 Promo Sale

HOMTOM is a new manufacturer of smartphones which has released a few notable modes like HOMTOM HT3 Pro, HOMTOM HT7 PRO, HOMTOM HT3, HOMTOM HT7 etc. But now, they have come up with a high-end smartphone HOMTOM HT10. This amazing device has MTK6797 Deca Core Helio X20 processor and a 4 GB RAM to support the Iris recognition technology. Here is a review to help you know more about HOMTOM HT10 smartphone.

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HOMTOM HT10 User  Short Review


HT 10 Desigh

HT 10 Display

Ht 10 Iris technology

It has a 5.5-inch arc screen which gives it a different look as compared to the previous models. The edges of this device are made up of titanium-magnesium allow which looks smooth and gives a shiny texture to it. The nice quality of edges coupled with the CNC craftsmanship help give the phone a unique design.
While holding this phone it is easy to notice that it was manufactured to feel very light and fit perfectly in your palms. The arc line helps make this phone even more beautiful than it already is.
The screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 makes it one of the best in its category. When playing HD videos, the phone performs fluently without any lag and gives you full satisfaction with its quality.


HT 10 Specs quick look

HOMTOM HT10 is powered by the MRK6797 Deca-Core Helip X20 processor which is quite rare among smartphones. It can only be found on selected few like Doogee F7 Pro, Vernee Apollo Lite, LETV Leeco 2 etc. So it is a no brainer that HOMTOM HT10 smartphone has to be in the top 3 list of smartphones which use MTK6797 Deca-Core processor.
Helio X20 offers you three processor clusters which allows you to run multiple apps at the same time without any time lag. Its 4 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM storage capacity helps run the device fluently when playing videos, games or surfing internet. The ROM storage capacity can be expanded to 128 GB using TF card expansion meaning it can easily meet the requirements of those who love watching movies offline on phone.


HT 10 Camera

When we talk about cameras, it can be noticed that all the good phones have either an excellent front camera or an excellent rear camera. It is very rare for a phone to have an excellent set of both cameras. However, HOMTOM HT10 is one of those rare phones. It has an 8 MP front camera and a 21 MP rear camera. You can easily take selfies without having to worry about the quality, or you can click a picture of the beautiful scenery in your surroundings. It also comes with autofocus flashlight and helps give a sharper and clearer image.


Ht 10 4G Global

HOMTOM HT10 has a 3200mAh battery which is quite a lot considering this is a smartphone and the importance of smartphones in daily life. Although it doesn’t have a large battery but it easily gives more than 6 hours of continuous video time. However, if used heavily for game play, then it consumes battery quickly. Anyways, if used properly, it performs well and can last for 8-10 hours easily.

If you want a great phone with all the latest specs and features then this is a great phone which is great in it;’s price range.This is one odf the first devices to sports a Deca-Core CPU.Buy this awesome device here

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