How Heroes work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

While Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has its main cast of characters, you won’t just be limited to those six fighters. You’ll occasionally encounter individuals known as Heroes who will be joining your party and fighting by your side. Having them in your party will give you more options when you’re in combat, not to mention all the benefits that you’re gaining from working with them. Working with Heroes is an easy concept to understand but learning how the Heroes work will be important to use them in combat and learning their classes.

How to access and work with Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

When you first recruit a Hero character to your party, one of the six playable protagonists gets assigned as that hero’s Class Inheritor. In the case of Ethel, for instance, who is the first hero that you’ll unlock, Noah gets an asset as her Class Inheritor. This means that you can switch to her Flash Fencer class immediately without needing to earn that right.

For other characters in your party, you will have to unlock access to the Flash Fencer class by having Noah or Ethel in your squad as you fight. To see how close a given character is to unlocking access to a class, you should jump into the Characters -> Class menu screen. You will see icons for each hero class that you currently own slowly filling up as you’re fighting. You should fill in a hero icon and the class will be available to the fighter in question.

How Heroes work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

As the game suggests, it’ll be best to concentrate on opening as many classes to your party as you can get to work ranking them up. Having all the classes available to every team member will hugely increase your options in tough battles. Some of the hero classes like the War Medic are game-changers early on, which gives you hugely improved healing capacities that’ll see through encounters you might struggle with otherwise.

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