How online casinos adjusted to the rise in mobile gaming

The development of the virtual world has disrupted several industries in recent years, as things we once did in the physical world can now be done in an online space. This has changed the way many people operate. From online banking to next day delivery and virtual gaming at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to access our favourite services and amenities.

As the virtual world has progressed, many industries have had to adapt. One such industry that felt the force of the internet was the casino industry. While some physical casinos have shut down in recent years, many innovative casino providers have moved their offerings to the virtual world, where they now provide more entertainment value than ever before.

Below, we take a look at how casinos are adapting to the transition to online gaming, and more recently, mobile gaming.

Introduction of mobile apps

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There’s an app for everything nowadays, including your favourite casino operators.

With the online world transitioning to mobile, industries have had to make several adaptations to stay on top. For any website to rank well in search engine results, they have needed to meet several specifications for the way their site operates on a mobile device or tablet. If a site is not adapted for mobile use, it will be penalised in the search results and may lose essential website traffic.

In the highly competitive casino world, this could be the downfall of an online casino provider. As such, providers have adapted by creating mobile optimised sites that offer a great user experience on portable devices. However, another solution has been to create mobile apps.

Not only are mobile apps easier to access over trying to navigate to a website while out and about, but these apps also offer a much more personalised user experience. If we were to take roulette games as an example, players who interact with roulette games on a PC can sometimes experience a lag in game play, screen freezing, slow loading times and other common issues. However, by playing on an app, the roulette game no longer has the glitches experienced on a PC, offering enhanced game play.

A safer payment experience

With the introduction of mobile payments, it’s now easier than ever for mobile casino players to make much safer payments than inputting their card details online. While entering online card details can pose a certain amount of risk, casino gaming apps add in an additional layer of security for the player, meaning their personal details are less exposed to hackers and other cyber criminals.

What’s more, with the introduction of features like Apple and Google Pay, it’s easier than ever for players to make a payment by double clicking a button on their device. Mobile security technology like facial recognition and fingerprint recognition also make it safer to pay over an app.

Players can also easily link their accounts with online banks and e-wallets like PayPal, making it easier and safer than ever to withdraw funds from a site.

Safer gambling controls

As there’s an increased focus on how individuals can stay in control of their online gaming habits, the arrival of mobile casino apps have come with a variety of helpful features that make playing much safer than before. The great thing about an app is that individuals can set up their own options that’s custom to their play.

Some features of safer play include being able to set restrictions for when you can and can’t access casino apps, limits on how much you can deposit into your account per day and additional resources where players can seek help and advice.

Mobile gaming communities

While PC casino sites introduced online chat room and community features, casino apps have been able to take this a step further. Today’s casino apps enhance the gameplay experience with dedicated leaderboards where players can go head to head with friends or other top players. There’s also the same chat features, as well as exclusive competitions, unique badges to earn and much more, making the gaming experience more enjoyable for the user.

Worldwide play

The functionality of casino apps means that players can access their favourite games at any time.

Casino gaming apps have also made it easier than ever for people to access their favourite online games from almost anywhere in the world – whether it’s on the daily commute, just from the sofa, or even on a beach in Mexico. What’s more, as Wi-Fi becomes the norm in many places across the world, it’s easier for people to stay ‘always connected’.

One thing that’s great about casino apps is that they usually also have an offline mode. Many apps now make gameplay possible when you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi. Players can simply download their favourite games ready for offline mode, and then switch back to playing in live mode for live updates as soon as Wi-Fi is available again.

Overall, the introduction of mobile gaming has transformed the online casino world, creating a huge amount of possibilities. While casino apps currently account for around 19% of all mobile app revenues, it will be interesting to see what developers have up their sleeves next.

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